Android Assistive Technology Keyboards and Hardware for Disabled

100% Accessibility to all new Smartphone & Tablet features now available to ANYONE

For someone with greater physical limitations: specifically no arm movement due to quadriplegia, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, ALS, or amputees; a more specialized solution may be required using either advanced software, alternative Bluetooth switch scanning or voice-recognition hardware interfaces, or both. For those with some arm movement see the post Best Android Keyboards for Limited Dexterity (or anyone).  The solutions below can also be paired with many voice control and virtual assistant applications like Siri and Eva.  Read more about Android Hands-Free Voice Control, Voice Recognition, and Dictation.

The good news, EVERYONE can use any advanced smartphone or tablet.  Something I could not say even six months ago, but with Broadened Horizons unique new solutions and development partners, we have changed that!  Now anyone and everyone can have complete access to EVERY AAP including camera, Internet, messaging, e-mail, calendar, music, and anything else you can think of available on and android phone or android tablet.  Many other assistive technology solutions are also available for iPhone and iPad, but often a bit more limited.

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ClickToPhone – $399 and FREE Trial available on Google Play Marketplace

  • Broadened Horizons is proud and excited to announce complete accessibility for EVERYONE with a free trial available for IMMEDIATE download from Google Play Android Marketplace.
  • Turns your entire phone touchscreen into one large touch sensitive ability switch
  • Provides Mouse-like pointer control using any digital joystick with optional ClickToPhone or Housemate Bluetooth hardware interface

ClickToPhone + Bluetooth Switch Scanning & Joystick Interface provides communications with 100% accessibility to EVERY Application on any Android Phone or Android Tablet $999

  • Uses a single ability switch from the wink of an eye, shrug of a shoulder, puff of air, or even just flexing the tiniest muscle.
  • Joysticks in all shapes and sizes are also available which give you MOUSE-LIKE control over the android phone utilizing Broadened Horizons tiny Micro Chin Joystick & Button that hangs around your neck, to the Medium Digital Joystick with Roughneck Pushbutton for control similar to driving a wheelchair, or the Large Digital Joystick either with integrated Squeeze Switch for those with large gross motor movements or integrated Sip & Puff for mouth control.

Housemate ECU Environmental Control + ClickToPhone provides complete environmental control and communications with 100% accessibility to almost any Android phone or tablet over Bluetooth. $1499

Housemate provides Mobile control from your wheelchair over your entire environment through a learning infrared interface and up to 16 Grid levels of 9 functions each, all easily self-configurable.  Learning infrared means you can control anything with an infrared remote including your TV, Blu-Ray, cable and satellite, DVR, stereo, and many other low cost appliances such as air conditioners and space heaters can be found that include a small infrared remote at Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, Sam’s Club, Frys, Best Buy, or your favorite local retailer.

Most other environmental control systems of this power require a professional to the on-site for two days to a week to program and set up everything.  With Broadened Horizons focus on INDEPENDENCE this also means ease-of-use so you can set up and customize your environment exactly as YOU desire, possibly with the assistance of your friends, family, or personal care attendant.

  • Expansion modules are available from Broadened Horizons for everything from lighting & appliances to doors (front, bedroom, garage), windows, power adjustable beds, elevators and lifts, ceiling fans, fireplaces, thermostat, and much more!
  • Talk to your school or employer about adding low-cost interface modules for power doors, lights, and more so you have accessibility wherever you go
  • Non-Proprietary interoperability with any other manufacturer’s environmental control technology. Interface Kits are available from Broadened Horizons for X10, Insteon, and UPB home automation signal standards giving you backwards compatibility and future proof  access over anything any other company, designer, or manufacture can dream up or make available!

New THE CORE ECU COMPANION from Broadened Horizons includes 6 simple INSTALLATION FREE wireless modules for 95% of people’s needs $1499

Works with Housemate, VoiceIR Environmental Voice Controller, or any other manufacturers ECU Environmental Controller

  • Wireless Assistance Request Chime, Wireless Intercom, or activate a Nurse Call system
  • Wireless control over a Light or lamp that plugs into a wall outlet
  • Wireless control over a fan or any other appliance that plugs into a wall outlet
  • Speakerphone with name and digit voice dialing, hands-free and eyes free dictation from bed of text messages, e-mail, Facebook & Twitter updates, checking the weather, & more while lying in bed
  • Wireless control over any power door opener to let someone in or yourself out
  • Emergency Dialer – calls 1-9 preprogrammed numbers and plays emergency message.  Compared to similar services like Lifeline, there are no monthly charges and their uniquely person receiving emergency message can remotely activate speakerphone through their phone keypad to verify what is wrong, tell the person how long it will be to reach them, pass call to next person thank you, or deactivate emergency if it was a false alarm.
  • Optional: Wirelessly activate your mobile cell phone’s voice control through a hands-free Bluetooth speakerphone

Vocalize Wheelchair Bluetooth Cell Phone Voice Control System provides complete hands-free & eyes-free voice control over any Bluetooth Mobile Cell Phone

  • Listens for your “Telephone” keyword through all background noise throughout your day (or any keyword you choose)
  • Say “End Call” to terminate the call when finished.
  • Built-In Voice Dialing Library supports all speakers of any language including those with slurred speech or speech impediments
  • Can activate advanced voice dialing apps and virtual personal assistants including iPhone Siri and Android Eva, Jeannie, Vlingo, Dragon Go, and many more) built into today’s new smarter phones (see post: Android Hands-Free Voice Control, Voice Recognition, and Dictation)
  • Dictate text messages & e-mails and have them read back to you
  • Schedule an appointment or reminder and have them read back to you
  • Listen to music or an audiobook
  • Check the weather, traffic congestion, get GPS navigation or driving directions, and much more
  • Search the web for any question you may think of and have results read back to you
  • Check the battery and signal level, start up other apps
  • Read an e-book with Moon+ Reader Pro $4.99 (need to test) (new Kindle Fire 3 Voice Actions being tested)
  • Need to Explore Dolphin Bowser new “Sonar”voice activated browsing feature

Communicator Switch Enabled Bluetooth Speakerphone provides a simple ability switch interface to activate voice dialing & controls built into your Mobile cell phone

  • Hands-free and eyes free, no need to hold, touch, or see the phone
  • Stylishly looks similar to a Star Trek communicator
  • Ability Switch Enabled and/or entire top surface is a giant button with large volume dial for limited dexterity
  • See Vocalize post above for details of voice control possibilities

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Mark Felling

Mark Felling (EE, MBA), Broadened Horizons' President C4-C5 Quadriplegic Engineer, Patented Inventor, MBA Mark began designing and inventing solutions both for himself and others soon after his plane crash in 2003 using his engineering background and experience teaching testing and quality to development groups at high-tech companies around the world. Guided by an intimate understanding of the unique needs of wheelchair users with upper extremity limitations as a C5 Quadriplegic himself, Mark created Broadened Horizons to introduce solutions focusing on innovative simplicity to maximize cost efficiency, compatibility, reliability, and ease of use. With a passion for international travel, language, and culture, Mark enjoys promoting and advocating for more inclusive travel opportunities for all. Many posts include travel information for wheelchair users such as unique gems of services and locations discovered around the world. Mark's hope is to help people imagine the possibilities and maybe take that first step towards new adventure and "Broadening Their Horizons"! Today Mark's designs include the broadest line and most advanced adaptive video game controllers available worldwide, have helped change the face of aviation and make commercial air travel much more possible for wheelchair users unable to transfer themselves, have made modern cellular communications possible using only one's voice for even the most limited individuals.

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