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HouseMate ECU for Android Configurator

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Quick Overview

Housemate ECU Environmental Control System enables a person with no arm movement or hand dexterity to operate everything in their environment wherever they go plus 100% of an Android Tablet and/or Android phone's functionality completely independently! Simply push a button, blow a puff of air, bite, turn your head, raise an eyebrow or any other slight movement, even chin control joystick! New Advanced Version includes an HID mouse interface for 100% visual control. Makes web browsing fully accessible with a simple switch.Compact and portable use on wheelchair or in bed!


HouseMate Pro ECU with HID Mouse for Android

The CORE - ECU Companion Control Kit

ClickToPhone Android Bluetooth Switch Scanning Interface & Software

ClickToPhone Software FREE TRIAL

1 Hour Phone or Skype Training & Setup Support with Broadened Horizons' Guru

2 Hours Phone or Skype Training & Setup Support with Broadened Horizons' Guru

Android Tablet
Android Tablet - Asus Transformer 10.1 WiFi, mini-HDMI, 6 Piece Accessibility Accessory Kit, optional Keyboard Dock

Motorola Moto X XT1058 Black Unlocked GSM Smartphone

Android 8 inch Vizio Tablet - Bluetooth, WiFi, HDMI for Housemate & ClickToPhone

Samsung Galaxy Android Tablet Phone - Factory Unlocked GSM Voice Calls and Mobile Data - International Version, Warranty must be Purchased Separately from Squaretrade

Android SmartTV Module - turns any HDMI TV into 50 plus inch Android Tablet

Android Tablet & Phone - Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 - Unlocked GSM, SMS, Voice, & LTE Mobile Data. Unlocked International Model, No Warranty

OTG Micro USB Adapter to use QuadMouse & Ultimate Arcade on Android Tablets & Smartphones

OTG USB Adapter to use QuadMouse & Ultimate Arcade on Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 & Note Android Tablets

Mini 6 Inch Flex Microphone for Laptop or Tablet Voice Recognition

Black Adjustable Tablet Tray for 7-11 inch iPad, Android, & Windows Surface

Mounting your Android Devices
Robo Arm Mount Kit for Wheelchair or Bed

3rd Arm Flex Super Clamp 26'' Chin-Mouth Control Mount with Perfect Positioning Ball Joint

Permobil 3rd Arm Smartphone & Drink Armrest Mount Kit

Redman 3rd Arm Drink / Smartphone Armrest Mount Kit

Lighting, Wall Outlets, & Ceiling Fans
Infrared ECU 110VAC Wall Outlet Controller with Remote

Infrared ECU Wall Light Switch (white) for VoiceIR & Housemate

Infrared ECU Ceiling Fan & Light Switch (White) with IR Remote for Housemate & VoiceIR

Insteon Plug-in Switch Module

Insteon AND X10 Package for Infrared ECUs -Lighting, Appliance, Nurse Call, & Door Opener Control

Infrared ECU to Insteon AND X10 Transceiver Kit

Landline Phone
Voice Dialing TalkIR Konftel Speakerphone for Infrared ECU - Switch Enabled

Power Adjustable Bed
X10 ECU Power Adjustable Bed Controller

Control Options
R-Net to miniDin 6-Pin Digital Joystick Interface Cable to control Housemate, ClickToPhone, & Motorized Camera Tripod Head with Permobil Wheelchair Controls - requires IOM Module

Micro Digital 4 way Chin/Fingertip Joystick with Pushbutton on Neckband (1 circular 6-pin plug)

Pillow Switch 1/8 inch

Roughneck Dual Pushbutton Switches with auditory feedback

Light Touch 2g Switch

Dual Sensor Switches

Bite Ability Switch

Tongue Switch

Single Sensor Switch

Pillow Puff Switch Activator

Black Puck Switch

Housemate+ ECU Environmental Control System with Bluetooth HID Mouse enables a person with no arm movement or hand dexterity to operate everything in their environment wherever they go plus 100% of an Android Tablet and/or Android phone's functionality completely independently! This NEW '+' version includes a Bluetooth HID Mouse for switch or joystick point and tap control over ANY Android app. Point-N-Tap Web browsing with a single simple switch! A fully accessible iPad alternative for schools with iBooks*. Simply push a button, blow a puff of air, bite, turn your head, raise an eyebrow or any other slight movement!  Compact and portable use on wheelchair or in bed!  More Phones & Environmental Controls
Available Variations 
  • Housemate+ ECU with HID Mouse = Same as standard Housemate but adds full point and click/tap control over ANY app in Expert mode.
  • Housemate ECU = Same as Housemate+ but without HID Mouse many users do not need 
  • ClicktoPhone = Full control over Android phone or tablet similar to Housemate but without Learning Infrared Environmental Controls
  • FREE TRIAL (Software Only) = Uses entire Touchscreen as a touch sensitive switch.  Install from Google Play or APK from memory card.  Compatible with all versions Android 2.2 or newer including 4.0 and 4.1 Jelly Bean
What can it control?
  • ALL apps on Android Tablet or Phone: Text, eBooks, E-mail, Camera, Netflix, Skype, Music, Audiobooks, Pandora, Audible, + 1000's more 
  • Entertainment: TV, Cable, Satellite, Blu-Ray, DVD, Stereo
  • Communications: Mobile Cell Phone, Landline Phone, VOIP Soft Phone, Emergency Dialer
  • Entrance & Exit: ALL Doors throughout the day including apartment security; front, bedroom, garage, & elevator doors, office & classroom doors at work & school, etc.
  • Comfortable Environment: Windows, blinds, skylights, Thermostat, air conditioner, fireplace, space heater.
Who is it Perfect for?
  • Anyone with limited arm movement who wants access to 100% Android tablet or phone features
    • Cerebral Palsy (CP) with poor dexterity and slurred speech
    • Individuals with weak or difficult to understand speech
    • Augmentative Communications Device Users
    • Anyone who does not prefer or is unable to use voice control.  (i.e. Vocalize)
    • School children who need access to e-books including on the Apple iBooks platform him (use FREE Calibre E-book management to convert iBooks to any other format.)   read iPad Accessibility Challenges under Details tab
  • Now Start Voice Dialing or Dictating text & e-mails with an ability switch - the perfect combination for those able to speak well!
What is it?

Housemate+ClickToPhone Software is available for Android mobile phones and Tablets. The software scrolls vertically through a series of menu options or grids which can be customized to the user's preferences and skills. When the software begins it attempts to connect with the Housemate hardware, providing 100% access to all functions in former tablet with a single switch or joystick. Housemate consists of both hardware and Android software.
The Housemate hardware is a wireless Bluetooth ability switch interface and Learning Infrared Environmental Controller ECU which accepts any single or dual ability switch or Broadened Horizons 5 Switch Digital Chin or Finger Joysticks designed specifically for ClickToPhone.  A TASH Mini Joystick can be used with a special adapter. Alternatively, ClickToPhone can be integrated with your wheelchair controller.

Housemate Android ECU Environmental Controls

Housemate learns infrared signals from your existing remote controls for your TV, DVD player, Blu-Ray, stereo system, air conditioner, space heater, and anything else that comes with an infrared remote.  Housemate can be extended to control lighting, thermostats, power adjustable beds, doors, windows, skylights, fireplace, and more with any of Broadened Horizons Environmental Control System Modules!

Example Grid Screen Shots

Environment & Speakerphone


TV & Media Player

House Mate � Editing cells & Grids


Managing HouseMate Infrared Commands




ClickToPhone Android Mobile Phone Switch Control

ClickToPhone enables a person to access their mobile phone through an external switch or by tapping anywhere on the screen. This new Accessibility Software includes lots of features such as:

  • Ability to wake up the phone and answer a call using an external switch.
  • Ability to phone contacts and receive calls.
  • Ability to compose and send SMS text messages.
  • Ability to receive and view SMS text messages.
  • Ability to speak out text messages using Android Text-to-speech.
  • Word prediction and Word anticipation when composing text.
  • Ability to add new contacts.
  • Ability to dial a number and enter numbers during a call.
  • Ability to play music files on the phone.
  • Ability to view Photographs.
  • Ability to control most aspects of 3rd party Apps in expert mode.
  • Ability to record and transmit InfraRed codes using HouseMate hardware.
  • Ability to create, populate edit HouseMate grids with symbols and text.
  • Ability to use finger movements accross the optic instead of using an external switch.
  • Ability to tap anywhere on the screen instead of using an external switch.

ClickToPhone Screen Shots.

Home Page


Contacts & Add Contact pages


Dialpad & Telephony Keypad


Messages Page


Controlling the Music Player and Gallery applications


Choosing an App and controlling it with a dedicated softkeyboard


Preferences and Hardware Settings



Installing FREE Trial

  1. Open Google Play Marketplace and search 'ClickToPhone' then click install.
    1. Alternatively Obtain the APK installer file from Broadened Horizons by purchasing a license. Before you install the .apk App you must make the following settings on your phone.
    2. Within Menu->Settings->Applications check the UNKNOWN SOURCES option.
    3. Within Menu->Settings->Applications->Development check the USB DEBUGGING option.
    4. Plug your Android phone into USB port of your computer. Pull the notifications down from the very top of the screen and select the USB option to connect as a USB drive.  (Note, this will only work if you have a flash memory card installed in your phone.) Open Computer->Removable USB Drive.
    5. Copy the APK installer file to your phones memory card (Removable USB Drive window you just opened).  Unplug your Android phone from the USB port, open File Manager on your phone and browse to the APK file.  Tap on it to run and install.
  2. After you have installed the software you need to start it by choosing ClickToPhone as the input method.
    • Within->Settings->Language & Keyboard check the CLICKTOPHONE option.
    • Finally choose any text entry field in any app such as Messages and hold your finger on it until you see the EDIT TEXT dialog. Choose INPUT METHOD and then choose the CLICKTOPHONE option.
  3. The ClickToPhone application should launch and will go through a series of initialisation steps. The first of these is the creation of the word prediction file for the first time. Wait until this is finsihed. Then choose PREFERENCES from the menu and choose your User Level. Uncheck EXTERNAL SWITCH for stand alone mode. If you enable the HOUSEMATE option, then, when you choose HouseMate from the menu for the first time it will initialise the grids.
  4. You will only have to go through the above steps once. After that ClickToPhone is set as the input method for the phone or tablet, even after you turn it off. ClickToPhone is not a standard application and it is not listed in the phones application list. It is a service and can only be accessed through the Input Method dialog or Settings\Language & Keyboard.
  5. If you want to quit ClickToPhone you have to select a different inupt method. You do this as above or by selecting the Input Method option from the ClickToPhone homepage menu.
  6. Important: Screen Lock must be disabled. Under Settings -> Security -> Screen Lock, set it to NONE.  Alternatively, if your phone or tablet does not seem to have this setting,etc Install "No Lock" from Google Play marketplace.

Enjoy - we look forward to your feedback!

iPad Accessibility Challenges

Unfortunately the Apple iPad and iPhone iOS is a much more locked down platform than Android meaning switch scanning accessibility is limited to only a small subsegment of apps.  If these limitations are satisfactory for your needs then we have solutions for you with more in development.  If you require 100% accessibility to all apps you will want to use ClickToPhone/Housemate on the Android platform.

ClickToPhone & Housemate access Android at a very low level as a "keyboard" and are thus able to interact with any application universally. iPad apps cannot be accessed at a low enough level to create any sort of universal accessibility.  We do have Bluetooth ability switch interfaces for the iPad but these will only work with apps that have been specifically designed for compatibility with Apple VoiceOver accessibility platform for the blind.  Unfortunately only a limited number of apps are VoiceOver compatible (such as those that come built in from Apple and a few other augmentative communication specific accessibility apps have been designed for VoiceOver compatibility), meaning a switch user on the iPad or iPhone will NOT have access to all applications, functionality, or capabilities of the iPad or iPhone but only a limited subsegment.

  • School children who need access to e-books on the Apple iBooks platform use FREE Calibre E-book management to convert iBooks to any other format.)

    VoiceOver Compatible Applications

    VoiceOver works with all of the Apple built-in applications that come on iPad, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS, including: Safari, Mail, App Store, iTunes, Music, Calendar, Camera, iBooks, and Notes. Any other third-party apps designed with Voiceover Compatibility will also work with our iOS and Android Bluetooth Wheelchair & Switch Scanning Interface (Under Development) however unfortunately at this time only a small number of the thousands of iOS app developers have incorporated VoiceOver compatibility.   Complete List

    With the element labeler, you can create custom labels for buttons so it’s even easier to place and receive calls, surf the web, text and email your friends, check your stocks and the weather, and more. However the Element labeler feature is designed for the blind and may or may not work with switch scanning Bluetooth interfaces. Apple is also working with iPhone software developers so they can make their applications VoiceOver compatible Learn more

    Assistive Touch

    Apple iOS 6 added enhancements to Assistive Touch that helps create macros for 2-5 finger gestures to be simulated using a pointer such as our  Simulated Touch Input Tablet Mouthstick which is ideal paired with the Robo Arm Mount to optimally position the tablet out in front of the user at the correct angle. 

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    by Ability or Control Method No Control - Not Applicable, with ECU - Infrared IR, with ECU - discrete TTL, Limited Hand Dexterity, Some Finger Dexterity (no arm movement), Arm Movement (no finger dexterity), Voice - Speaker Independent, Voice - Speaker Dependent, Voice - Dictation, Breath- Blow or Suck Lightly, Using any Ability Switch, Mouth, Tongue, or Facial Gestures, Good Head Movement, Feet or Toes

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