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ClickToPhone Software FREE TRIAL

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Search 'ClickToPhone' on Google Play Marketplace ClickToPhone + Housemate v55 Android APK Installer
ClickToPhone & Housemate Getting Started Guide
ClickToPhone & Housemate Android User Manual

Quick Overview

Free Trial Download on Google Play Android Apps! Turns entire Android phone screen into a large touch sensitive switch. Provides opportunity to confirm will meet users needs before purchasing full license.

Free Trial Download on Google Play Android Apps! Turns entire Android phone screen into a large touch sensitive switch. Provides opportunity to confirm will meet users needs before purchasing full license.

This product listing is for Software License only.  Please Review the Click2Phone Packages.

Available in 3 configurations:

  • Software Only License includes 1 Hour Phone Training and Setup Support to install on your Android phone.  Use your entire touchscreen as a switch or upgrade for existing ClickToPhone Bluetooth Switch Interface users. ClickToPhone and Housemate are compatible with all versions of Android 2.2 and newer including 4.0 and 4.1 Jelly Bean.
  • ClickToPhone preinstalled & preconfigured on New-In-Box unlocked, no-contract, multilingual Android Smartphone.  This phone's unique resistive touch screen will work as a superb big switch with fingers, mouthsticks, pointers, splints/orthotics, knuckles, anything, unlike the common capacitive touchscreens that require skin contact. 
  • ClickToPhone Bluetooth Switch Interface Hardware and Android + 1 Hour Phone Training and Setup Support to install on your phone. 
  • Complete Package: ClickToPhone Hardware and Software preinstalled & preconfigured on New-In-Box unlocked, no-contract, multilingual Eclipse Android 2.2 or Samsung Jack i637 Smartphone, with NEW 5 Switch Micro Digital Joystick all mounted on 3rd Arm Wheelchair Armrest Mini Mount.
    Simply insert your Sim card, clamp to wheelchair armrest, and start using in less than 1 minute!
  • Housemate+ ECU with Bluetooth HID Mouse WITH 50 INCH LED TV, 10 inch Tablet Phone, or 4 inch Phone perfect mounted on Robo Arm Mount

Click2Phone enables a person to access their mobile phone through an external switch or by tapping anywhere on the screen. This new Accessibility Software includes lots of features such as:

  • Ability to wake up the phone and answer a call using an external switch.
  • Ability to phone contacts and receive calls.
  • Ability to compose and send SMS text messages.
  • Ability to receive and view SMS text messages.
  • Ability to speak out text messages using Android Text-to-speech.
  • Word prediction and Word anticipation when composing text.
  • Ability to add new contacts.
  • Ability to dial a number and enter numbers during a call.
  • Ability to play music files on the phone.
  • Ability to view Photographs.
  • Ability to control most aspects of 3rd party Apps in expert mode.
  • Ability to record and transmit InfraRed codes using HouseMate hardware.
  • Ability to create, populate edit HouseMate grids with symbols and text.
  • Ability to use finger movements accross the optic instead of using an external switch.
  • Ability to tap anywhere on the screen instead of using an external switch.


  1. Obtain the APK installer file from Broadened Horizons by purchasing a license. Before you install the App you must make the following settings on your phone.
    • Within Menu->Settings->Applications check the Unknown Sources option.
    • Within Menu->Settings->Applications->Development check the USB debugging option.
  2. Plug your Android phone into USB port of your computer. Pull the notifications down from the very top of the screen and select the USB option to connect as a USB drive.  (Note, this will only work if you have a flash memory card installed in your phone.) Open Computer->Removable USB Drive.
  3. Copy the APK installer file to your phones memory card (Removable USB Drive window you just opened).  Unplug your Android phone from the USB port, open File Manager on your phone and browse to the APK file.  Tap on it to run and install.
  4. After you have installed the software you need to start it by choosing ClickToPhone as the input method.
    1. Withinu->Settings->Language & Keyboard check the ClickToPhone option.
    2. Finally choose any text entry field in any app such as Messages and hold your finger on it until you see the Edit text dialog. Choose Input Method and then choose the ClickToPhone option.
  5. The ClickToPhone application should launch and will go through a series of initialisation steps. The first of these is the creation of the word prediction file for the first time. Wait until this is finsihed. Then choose Preferences from the menu and choose your User Level. Uncheck External Switch for stand alone mode. If you enable the HouseMate option, then, when you choose HouseMate from the menu for the first time it will initialise the grids.
  6. You will only have to go through the above steps once. After that ClickToPhone is set as the input method for the phone even after you turn it off. ClickToPhone is not a standard application and it is not listed in the phones application list. It is a service and can only be accessed through the Input Method dialog or Settings\Language & Keyboard.
  7. If you want to quit ClickToPhone you have to select a different inupt method. You do this as above or by selecting the Input Method option from the ClickToPhone homepage menu.
  8. Important: Screen Lock must be disabled. Under Settings -> Security -> Screen Lock, set it to NONE.  Alternatively, if your phone or tablet does not seem to have this setting,etc Install "No Lock" from Google Play marketplace.

Enjoy - we look forward to your feedback!

And now for the screen shots.

Home Page

Contacts & Add Contact pages

Dialpad & Telephony Keypad

Messages Page

Controlling the Music Player and Gallery applications

Choosing an App and controlling it with a dedicated softkeyboard

Preferences and Hardware Settings


Click2Phone with HouseMate Environmental Controls (ECU)

Housemate is compatible with our VoiceIR Environmental Voice Control System Components

House Mate Example Grids

House Mate � Editing cells & Grids

Managing HouseMate Infrared Commands



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By Disability or Limitation Arm Movement with Limited Finger Dexterity, C4 Quadriplegia, C5 Quadriplegia, C6-C7 Quadriplegia, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Limited Speech or Nonvocal, Limited Vision or Blind
by Ability or Control Method Limited Hand Dexterity, Arm Movement (no finger dexterity)

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