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Disability Profile - Developmental Delay


Developmental Delay - With Assitive Technology devices and solutions from Tobii communication can be helped

Developmental Delay is a term used to describe any significant delay in a child’s physical, cognitive or behavioral development, such as walking, sitting or talking. The term “global developmental delay” refers to children who lag behind in all aspects of their development including communication. With Assistive Technology solutions from Tobii Technology the everyday life could be a little easier.

Developmental delay can be caused by a wide variety of factors. Some children have problems developing language skills due to hearing difficulties, whereas others are affected by cognitive disabilities such as Down Syndrome.

Developmental delay is usually assessed in two ways – developmental screening, which can be a questionnaire or log completed by a parent about his or her child’s development, and developmental evaluation, which is an in-depth assessment of a child’s capacity normally administered by a child psychologist.

Like many of the conditions that affect learning and language skills, developmental delay may not be curable in all cases, but it is treatable. Tobii’s Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) tools can assist in the development of language and communication skills.

Starting with simple combinations of pictures and related sounds, Tobii’s assitive technology devices and speach and language solutions can be tailored and expanded to keep pace with the development of the individual. The lightweight, durable assistive technology device Tobii S32 is designed to withstand tough treatment, and with over 60 hours of stored speech and sounds and a built-in speaker, it gives children an excellent chance to make their voice heard. 

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