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Kenguru Wheelchair-Accessible Electric Vehicle (EV)

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Quick Overview

NOT FOR RESALE - INFORMATION ONLY - Approximately $25,000.


Are you ready for change? Tired of expensive, fuel-inefficient and poorly designed wheelchair additions for vans? Looking for independence and the convenience of getting easily into the vehicle with your own wheelchair? Want a way to scoot around town while looking good at the same time?

One major issue facing transportation is accessibility, especially for those in wheelchairs. From public to personal transit, a wheelchair presents unique mobility challenges. Sure, it's possible to outfit existing vehicles for wheelchair accessibility, but the process is expensive and doesn't always yield a complete, integrated solution. That's where Kenguru changes things. The Kenguru is an electric vehicle with no seats, that allows drivers to control the car from their wheelchair. We went to Pflugerville, Texas to try it out.


Are you ready for change? Tired of expensive, fuel-inefficient and poorly designed wheelchair additions for vans? Looking for independence and the convenience of getting easily into the vehicle with your own wheelchair? Want a way to scoot around town while looking good at the same time?

I can help you with all of your questions. Let me introduce myself: I am the KENGURU®. I'm a small, efficient, closed body type wheelchair fitting vehicle that provides very easy and quick access. With me, you can travel independently and conveniently up to 110 kilometers (60 miles) at the maximum speed of 45 km/h (25 mph). Due to my quality and modern design, I enable you to reach your destination faster and more comfortable than with any other vehicle of my kind.

Easy Access

One of my greatest advantages is how easily and quickly accessible I am. From the beginning to the end of the journey, you stay in your own wheelchair. You simply open and close my remotely controlled rear door and then roll in via my ramp. For safety, you fix your wheelchair to a docking station before starting the engine. Once on the road, you drive me while sitting comfortably in your wheelchair, using my handlebar and the clearly visible switches fixed on it. Soon, I will have a joystick to drive if that makes it easier for you.


In daily operation, my efficiency will help you to save a lot of money. In order to run 100 kilometers (60 miles), I only use electric power equal to the cost of two liters of petrol. This calculation includes the following: a daily charge (cost of electricity), the annual maintenance of the batteries and even the cost of the new batteries (every 2-5 years).


My size will allow you to park very conveniently in almost any spot. You can even park me at a right angle to the sidewalk so that you will benefit from getting directly to and from the pavement onto my ramp. My closed type body construction and the quick access feature will give you the chance to smile at any heavy rain or thunderstorm.


I give you the independence you have been looking for! Whether it is commuting to and from work, visiting family and relatives or just meeting up with some friends to have some fun, I will help you to do it on your own.

 Technical Specifications

Rear wheel belt drive, with 2 Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors for each wheel
Performance: 2Kw/150Nm per
Motor Operating Voltage: 32V AC
Vehicle Supply Voltage 48V DC
Brushless internal Rotor
Running Gear
Independent double wishbone wheel suspensing in the front
Twin single sided swingarms in the back
Shock absorber with adjustable preload
4 hydraulic disc brakes
Electro-mechanical parking brake
Locking brake operating on the front wheels
Rimsize: 12*2, 2
Wheelsize: 12x2.2 inches
Tire size: 100/ 90-12

Fiberglass body on steel frame
Doors: 1
Seats: Room for one driver with wheelchair

Dimensions and Weight
Wheelbase: 1550 mm
Length: 2125 mm
Width: 1620 mm
Height: 1525 mm
Empty weight without driver: 550Kg
Empty weight without driver and batteries: 350Kg
Allowed total weight: 660 Kg

Driving Performance
Maximum Speed: 45 Km/h
Climbing Ability: 20%
Range: 70-110 km

Steering via Motorcycle handlebar (via Joystick from 2012)
LED display on dashboard
Electrical door opening system controlled via remote control

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by Ability or Control Method No Control - Not Applicable, with ECU - Infrared IR, with ECU - discrete TTL, Limited Hand Dexterity, Some Finger Dexterity (no arm movement), Arm Movement (no finger dexterity), Voice - Speaker Independent, Voice - Speaker Dependent, Voice - Dictation, Breath- Blow or Suck Lightly, Using any Ability Switch, Mouth, Tongue, or Facial Gestures, Good Head Movement, Feet or Toes

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