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Lend-A-Hand® Forearm Tool Gripping Orthotic

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Beautiful black rugged ballistic nylon exterior, foam-brushed tricot interior with easy-access sleeve, extra plush padded base for added comfort. Includes 5 interchangeable/ reversible straps for the perfect fit and two top straps for securing and tightening tools into the Lend-A-Hand plus 1 roll Cohesive Wrap to add additional width to the handles of items to get a nice, snug fit, yet removes easily and cleanly.

Small 1" x 1.5" Color Tab useful for identification

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Lend-A-Hand is a simple, patented, high-quality orthotic device designed to help people with limited dexterity or grasp in one hand due to stroke, amputation, arthritis, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, ALS, repetitive stress injuries, tendinitis, brachial plexus injuries, etc. It helps provide additional arm support, leverage and strength while cooking, sweeping and mopping, washing dishes, raking, painting, shoveling, brushing dog or horse, fishing (on arm or leg), playing golf, washing the car, and other activities of daily living. Lend-A-Hand® increases mobility while decreasing the strain off of the individual’s shoulders, arms, back and legs.



Golf Tips from Holly Diepenbrock, LPGA Class A Golfing Pro


Proper Putting Techniques using Lend-A-Hand®
Breaking of the wrists when putting on the take away and follow through  NO! NO!’s

Teaching physically challenged golf student proper putting techniques using Lend-A-Hand®


Proper chipping techniques with Lend-A-Hand®
Breaking of the wrists when chipping on the take away and follow through  NO! NO!’s

Teaching physically challenged golf student proper chipping techniques using Lend-A-Hand®

Teaching physically challenged golf student proper hitting techniques for fairway woods

Teaching physically challenged golf student proper hitting techniques for the driver

  • There are over 63.7 Million Physically- Challenged individuals in the U.S. alone 
  • According to the American Heart Association, stroke is the leading cause of severe, long-term disability In the U.S.
    • There are about 800,000 new stroke survivors and 200,000 recurrent stroke survivors annually 
  • About half a million Americans are currently living with cerebral palsy 
  • Consumer Health Interactive estimates approximately 186,000 people in the U.S. undergo amputation due to disease or injury
    • to date, there are 51 million arthritis cases
    • 11.3 million carpel tunnel patients

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Sue Seeger - Lake City, MN

Hi! My name is Susan Seeger and I am a Stroke Survivor. I had my Stroke when I was 20 years old and it left the right side of my body paralyzed. My doctors told me that I would be bed-ridden the rest of my life. For me that was no diagnosis so I pushed myself every day. I had to re-learn how to walk, talk, and live in today’ssociety with one side of my body fully functional and one side weak with hardly any movement. I spent 5 years trying to get back as much mobility from my right side as I could. After 5 years of hard work and exercise I still had weakness in my right arm and unable to use my right hand at all. Today, I am able to walk but with a limp in my right leg and it’s difficult to use my hand but I do have some use of my arm. Lend-A-Hand has changed my life in so many ways. I have always wanted to play a sport but there are not a lot of choices out there especially after a stroke. I gave it much thought and decided that maybe I could learn how to play golf one handed, and so I asked Mike Duncan if he could teach me to play. That’s how Lend-A-Hand started. And then we found out that I could use it to sweep my floor, shovel snow, and even rake leaves using BOTH arms!! This product allows me to get more mobility back in my right arm. At first I thought it would be used for one activity and now I am finding out that I can use it for other activities as well!! Lend-A-Hand is universal, meaning I can use it on either arm and it can be used for multiple chores and activities. This device has given me my life back. I feel like a whole person again instead of feeling like I only have one good side left. I am grateful to have this product and I know it can help other people with physical challenges.  

Elizabeth Kadow - Age 30
My occupational therapist told us about Lend-A-Hand when we asked her for help so that I could have more independent use of my hands. I have Rett Syndrome and lost purposeful use of my hands at the age of 18 months. I used the Lend-A-Hand for my first fishing trip and was able to hold the fishing pole independently. As you can see from the attached photo, I was happy and laughing catching my first fish with the use of Lend-A-Hand to help support the fishing pole. I was relieved that I was able to do it; because I had my doubts. So many things were brought into my life to increase my independence and so few worked. 


Kay Smaby - Austin, MN
 Mike Duncan delivered my Lend-A-Hand several months ago and it has been very helpful. I have limited use of my right arm and with the Lend-A-Hand I am able to rake leaves, shovel snow, sweep, and even hold a frying pan. When I use it on my left arm, I am able to play golf! I am very happy with my Lend-A-Hand and look forward to discovering new uses for it. 
Dan Stewart - Austin, MN
I love my “Lend- A- Hand” because it is likeyou have two hands, when you only have one



Pat Swanson - Albert Lea, MN
My name is Pat Swanson.  August 21st, 2003 I broke my left wrist.  After the first 4 surgeries my doctor told me that among other things I would probably never golf again.  After 6 more surgeries, I was watching the local sports.  Sue Seeger was on demonstrating Lend-A-Hand.  Immediately I thought I WILL be able to golf again!  I see the possibilities that after I recover from the latest surgery, that I will be able to use Lend-A-Hand around the house and gardening. Just the thought that I can be part of the social activity of golf, makes me believe that no matter where this journey takes me there will be a positive outcome.  Getting the Lend-A-Hand is one of the best things I have done for myself.  Thank You Sue Seeger and Mike Duncan for sharing this with the rest of Us.  


Neil Schalk, Mankato, MN
 The new version of the Lend-A-Hand took care of the same great functions, but with more comfort, stability and ease. Besides better quality padding for comfort, the New Fastening Straps over the top of the sleeve probably doubled the versatility of Lend-A-Hand. The extra straps allow for many more sizes of objects to fit, but more importantly it secures them much better, and with more ease. Now you could probably stick a wrench in there and crank on a bolt. 

Neil Schalk, a Wisconsin native, is a Minnesota State University/Mankato, MN student whose hands were severely injured in the fall of 2004 when a roadside explosive tore through his Humvee near Fallujah, Iraq. More than a dozen surgeries were performed on his hands in the ensuing years. On his right hand, two fingers are missing; his left, though intact, has no feeling and little functionality. To this day, pieces of shrapnel will periodically work their way to the surface of his skin. 

Susan & David LaRocca - Jemison, Alabama
Lend-A-Hand arrived Tuesday, I love the new improvements!! As you can 
see from the pictures, your invention gave our girls their very first fishing opportunity. Their smiles tell it all. God bless you for caring about folks like our Didi and Katie. I gave the LAH brochure you sent to a women from Birmingham, a professional copy editor/proofreader. She is forwarding your information and website to her daughter, an RN in the Mobile/Pascagoula area who specializes in stroke prevention as well as working with stroke survivors.  Hope this will spark some interest for your business. Lend-A-Hand deserves to be enjoyed by many people who can be helped with this unique technology. I watched the video and enjoyed being able to observe Sue, because, on T.V. it all flashed by so quickly. I didn’t realize that she was using the lend-a-hand on her good arm to execute the golf swing. Yet in other situations it was on her affected arm. We are excited to experiment using different positions with our Katie, to see what works best. We will send you photos. Your teaching video was very clear and helpful. It was nice to put your face to your name and voice. It is inspiring to know someone so committed to lending a hand to those in need. We will wait expectantly and pray God’s blessing on you and your wonderful work.
Jenny Schlagenhaft - Director of Community Relations/Communications, Saint Elizabeth's Medical Center
“I have found Lend-A-Hand helps patients who have some upper arm movement, but little wrist or hand use,” shares Kathy Barrett, Occupational Therapist with Saint Elizabeth’s Medical Center, Wabasha. “My patients have used it for housework, yard work, and some leisure activities like fishing and gardening. The design enables patients to put it on with ease, and its versatility allows them to use it for many activities of daily living.”   




Below are First  Impression responses after being introduced to  the New All Inclusive Lend-A-Hand from the Occupational Therapist at the  Courage Center in Stillwater, MN.  This Patented multifunctional product is recognized as one of the best overall designs for independent living  in the physically challenged and able bodied industry.

Facility Name:   Courage Center /1460 Curve Crest Blvd

DATE: 11/13/12

Facility Address: Stillwater, MN 55082

Evaluators Titles: MOSTR/L  &  MOT OTR/L & MA, OTR/L, ATP Occupational Therapist

1.      What is your impression on ease of use, functionality, and construction?
Lisa Rae Caturia – “I think it’s Great”
Carissa Kusilek – “Very practical & can be applied in multiple settings/activities”
Natalie Fischer – “Ease of use seems great – especially with the examples. The functionality seems like it is very universal and could be used in daily living and self-care skills. The instruction seems easy to use and user – friendly”.
Unknown Therapist #1 – “Great Invention, Very accessible product”
Unknown Therapist #2 – “Client has high ease of use, functional for a variety of purposes, I like that it is small and mobile”

2.      Can you think of any special uses for the Lend A Hand® other than the ones outlined in the literature?
Natalie Fischer – “Self-care skills: toileting, showering, brushing hair, teeth, dressing while using other adaptive equipment with handles”.
Unknown Therapist #2 – “I feel the options are endless and clients will be the ones to find new possibilities”.

3.      What is your overall impression of the Lend A Hand® product?
Lisa Rae Caturia – “I think it’s Great”
Natalie Fischer – “Excellent & very functional”
Unknown Therapist #1 – “Great Idea, Wonderful applications to assist in ones use of affected side & to protect unaffected side from overuse”.
Unknown Therapist #2 – “I like that the product is versatile & has many purposes”.

4.      Most importantly – How would you improve the product and possibly the design?
Carissa Kusilek – “Help with funding & attempting to get insurance to help with paying”
Natalie Fischer – “Have more sizes – shorter, longer for different arm sizes”
Unknown Therapist #1 – “No idea yet”
Unknown Therapist #2 – “More color options & sizes to make more appropriate for children”

5.      Do you feel this is a life changing Assistive Device for you or your individual patient?
Lisa Rae Caturia – “Yes, for Patients”
Carissa Kusilek – “Yes, for Patients”
Natalie Fischer – “I feel like it has a lot of potential, depending on the client & the success they have with it – goals”.
Unknown Therapist #1 – “ Yes “
Unknown Therapist #2 – “Making them more independent in daily activities”



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