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Mobility Conquest Wheelchair Motorcycle

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INFORMATIONAL ONLY - NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE. Approximately $50K-$75,000. Company has Closed. 50 units sold in United States between 2005-2015.

INFORMATIONAL ONLY - NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE. Approximately $50K-$75,000. Company has Closed. 50 units sold in United States between 2005-2015.

MobilityConquest Wheelchair Trikes

A Wheelchair Trike With Power, Speed & Style

Combining the highest-quality materials, a powerful engine and an innovative design, The Conquest wheelchair motorcycle is made especially for those who can no longer ride a standard motorcycle, but who are not ready to give up the exhilaration of riding a motorbike, and a big one at that.

The Conquest wheelchair motorcycle has an 1170 CC engine that can keep up with — and probably outrun — quite a bit of the competition. This three-wheel motorcycle trike can hit 60 mph within 7.6 seconds of leaving the line. The top speed is a blazing 105 mph, too fast for the highways, but certainly enough to guarantee that you will never run short of power when it’s needed. The wheelchair motorcycle's stylish design makes it something unique on the road.

Ride With Convenience & Maneuverability

The Conquest doesn’t mean riding alone. This handicap accessible motorcycle can take passengers along for the ride and high-end suspension at both ends of the motorbike means that handling and control aren’t compromised by extra weight. The chassis offers remarkable stability without losing the precise maneuverability for which motorcycles are known, and loved.

The driver mounts the wheelchair accessible motorcycle via an automatic rearward ramp. The trike accommodates both the driver and their wheelchair by a secure locking mechanism with a push-button release to ensure a stable driving platform. All our handicap accessible trikes come with a reverse gear for ease of maneuverability and parking. The push button Kicktronic shift controls makes accelerating through the motorbike's six gears a breeze.

The Conquest makes the open road accessible to anyone who craves the thrill of being on a motorcycle.

The Conquest Accessible Motorcycle was recently featured in Sports 'n Spokesread the article 'Accessible Motorcycle'.

MobilityConquest Flyer

Download Conquest Flyer (PDF)

The Conquest Wheelchair Motorcycle Specifications

Mobility Conquest wheelchair accessible motorcycles are manufactured in Akron, OH by Mobility Works to the original patented Martin Conquest design and BMW 1170cc motorcycle specifications. Our trikes are built to exacting standards for performance and maneuverability.
Style  | Motorcycle based trike - front engine, rear wheel drive
0-60 mph  | 7.6 seconds
Standing 1/4 mile  | 15 seconds
Top Speed  | 105 mph
Fuel Consumption  | 45 MPG at 56 MPH
Wheelbase (inches)  | 82.28"
Overall Length (inches)  | 120.07"
Overall Width (inches)  | 66.18"
Overall Height (inches)  | 59.05"
Curb Weight (Lbs)  | 1090 Ilbs
Layout  | Opposed twin; 4 valves per cylinder; 1170cc
Maximum Power  | 109 bhp @ 6,750 RPM (62.5 kW)
Maximum Torque  | 115nm of 6000min
Specific Output  | 80 kw @ 7500 min
Installation  | Longitudinal, front; rear wheel drive
Construction  | Alloy heads; iron block
Valve Gear  | 4 per cylinder - dohc
Ignition  | Bosch electronic
Type  | 6-speed, (1 down, 5 up) conventional clutch with semi-automatic Kliktronic thumb operated gear change. Mechanical reverse gear
Final Drive  | 3.6 : 1
Front  | Telescopic fork; coil springs
Rear  | Wishbone system with coil springs over shocks
Front  | 13" twin discs
Rear  | 10" vented discs
Wheels & Tyres
Wheels  | 17" cast alloy

Abilities Expo Tour

The Conquest Wheelchair Motorcycle Videos

Conquest Motorcycle for Wheelchairs Prepares for Ride from Ohio to Illinois

In this video Bob Baum from MobilityConquest does a walk-around of the Conquest wheelchair motorcycle pointing out recent improvements made to the trike.
wheelchair motor cycle video divider

Conquest Wheelchair Bikers on Modified Trikes

The "Gang of Three" was led by MobilityWorks Certified Mobility Consultant Todd Slates, video of the three riders was taken during the 2010 David Lytle Memorial Foundation Poker Run in Northern Ohio
wheelchair motor cycle video divider

Buxton ride Martin Conquest 1200

Take a virtual ride on the Conquest wheelchair motorcycle on a rainy day through some less than ideal driving conditions.
wheelchair motor cycle video divider

The Conquest Virtual Track Ride

Take a fast pace ride around the test track with the Conquest.
wheelchair motor cycle video divider

The Conquest Wheelchair Accessible Motorcycle

This video provides insight into the technology behind The Conquest wheelchair motorcycle. Built around a BMW, this accessible trike is making its way to the United States with demonstrations and test-drives being scheduled. Handicap bikers who want to get back on the road after suffering a spinal cord injury now have a production model option to experience the independence only a motorcycle can provide.
wheelchair motor cycle video divider

Wheelchair Motorcycle at the Cleveland Cycle World International Motorcycle Show

Mobility Conquest wheelchair accessible motorcycles made their U.S. exhibit debut at the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show in Cleveland Jan 29-31, 2010. This Live of 5 News report video clip includes an interview with Mobility Works General Manager Brian Austin.
wheelchair motor cycle video divider

Wheelchair Motorbike

A revolutionary new wheelchair motorbike recently arrived in New Zealand. It is one of only a small number of handicap accessible motorcycles to be manufactured so far and the unusual design got plenty of of attention - as it toured the country for a good cause raising funds for the Catwalk Spinal Cord Injury Trust.
wheelchair motor cycle video divider

Wheelchair Motorcycle Zooms By

The world's first series-manufactured high performance motorbike to be driven from a wheelchair is now on the road. The Martin Conquest 1200 is a unique series of motorbikes designed exclusively for drivers who are disabled from the waist down. Riders can roll their wheelchair onto the vehicle via an automated access ramp and all controls are hand automated. The Conquest is the American production of the Martin Conquest wheelchair motorcycle and is now available in the United States via Mobility Conquest.
wheelchair motor cycle video divider

Conquest Wheelchair Trike Being Driven On Mountain Road

Conquest wheelchair motorcycle trike being driven by a paraplegic in a wheelchair on a scenic mountain road in England. This is a modified BMW 1150 motorcycle now being offered in the United States by Mobility Conquest, a division of Mobility Works.
wheelchair motor cycle video divider

Conquest Wheelchair Motorcycle Being Driven by a Paraplegic

The Conquest handicap motorcycle is wheelchair accessible. The disabled driver can stay in their wheelchair while driving with the use of hand controls. There is a remote controlled ramp located in the back of the trike. The wheelchair locks into place with the use of an automated docking system called an EZ-Lock. This particular bike is a BMW R 1200 RT. Very cool. Sold mostly in England for the past few years, Mobility Works in the USA is setting up demo schedules in areas around the country starting in January 2010.
wheelchair motor cycle video divider

Conquest Wheelchair Trike on Test Track - Slalom Between Cones at 55 and 60 MPH

The Conquest wheelchair motorcycle and Martin Conquest trike on the test track at various speeds in slalom between cones. Test drives are now being scheduled for paraplegic bikers interested in the Conquest handicap accessible motorcyle.
wheelchair motor cycle video divider

Conquest Wheelchair Trike on Test Track - Double Lane Change Between Cones at High Speeds

The Conquest wheelchair motorcycle on the test track at 55 mph and 60 mph doing double lane changes.
wheelchair motor cycle video divider


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