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Name & Digit Speakerphone Voice Dialer

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Provides simple setup and convenient, name and digit dialing with any handset or speakerphone!  Perfect combined with Ability Switch Enabled speakerphone such as TalkIR or TalkSafe. When phone is activated by ECU or ability switch, voice dialer requests name or number to dial.

Independent communications is paramount to safety and well-being.  Do not depend exclusively on others.  Easily train Vocally with names and numbers, and each digit 0 through 9, and have it dial them for you, simply by saying the name or digits of the person you wish to call. 

  • Mobility Impaired- unable to move arms or finger sufficiently or accurately enough to dial by pushing buttons
  • Vision Impaired- unable to see phones keypad buttons, or reference a list of names.  Serves as a verbal phone book
  • Memory Impaired- unable to remember everyone's phone numbers

Vocally Infinity can hold up to 60 names and phone numbers. Each number can be up to 35 digits long to allow international calls and the use of calling cards.

  • Stores and dials up to 60 phone entries
  • Each stored number can be 35 digits long
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Does not interfere with regular line and phone use
  • Very fast dialing with no mistakes
  • Works with any phone
  • Recognizes any language, tone and accent
  • Interactive voice menu
  • State-of-the-art voice recognition technology
  • Stored names and playback
  • Small size and elegant

Vocally III is the new successor in the Vocally line of products. Years of experience, market feedback, and use of the latest voice-recognition technology have enabled us to build the most advanced voice-recognition phone dialer in the world. Voice recognition is breaking new ground every day and is being used in more and more everyday appliances and devices.  Here are the new features in version III that were not present in earlier versions I or II

  • High-quality name recording and playback.
  • Missing-line detection and audio warning.
  • 45 digits per number to allow for all international and/or calling-card based numbers.
  • Menu-based microphone sensitivity setting (headset/speakerphone).
  • A prefix digit and delay can be easily added or removed from all numbers (at once) to enable, and wait for, outside line access.
  • During a call, voice dialing can be activated again. This feature enables you to use the dialer in online banking services, etc.
  • Menu-based language selection.
  • Menu-based mode change to allow Vocally to work independently or coupled to a speaker phone, like the Clarity RC200, for a totally hands-free telephone system.
  • Remote online support using the telephone line.
Keep this in mind when using voice control and you will be very successful: The machine cannot understand spoken words better then humans do. It cannot understand the human voice when loud noises are present. Sometimes it even needs to hear something twice, just as we do.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I look at Vocally, I see no buttons or keys on it. How do I access all of its functions? 

    All of Vocally's features are accessed using your phone keypad. This means that once you have completed the setup process, you can store Vocally under the table or in any other place because you will not be touching it again!

What if I have more than one phone line?

    Vocally can be connected only to one line out of the two.

Is Vocally language or accent dependent?

    No, not at all. When you train Vocally, you train it with your own language and accent, and this is the way it will recognize you later.

Does training take long? What does it involve?

    Training Vocally is fast and easy. All you have to do is just say the name of the person you wish to store, repeat it, and then punch in the telephone number on the keypad. That's it. On average, it takes about 20 seconds to train a new name and number.

Can I let someone else do the training for me?

    Vocally is Speaker Dependent and will require you to train it with your own voice. However, if you are having difficulties in punching in the numbers during the training, that can be done by someone else.

Can I voice dial from all phones in home or office?

    No. You will only be able to use the phone that is connected to Vocally.

How many names and numbers can I store in Vocally?

    Vocally Infinity can hold up to 60 names and phone numbers. Each number can be up to 35 digits long to allow international calls and the use of calling cards.

Can I voice dial from speakerphone?

    Yes. Vocally works great with a speakerphone and enables you to have a totally "hands-free" dialing experience.

Can I playback the names I have trained into Vocally?

    Yes. Vocally can playback all of the names it has stored in memory.

Can I delete just one name trained into Vocally?

    Yes, you can. Using the interactive menu, you can delete a single name by simply saying the name you wish to delete and then pressing a button to confirm the deletion.

Can I delete all the names I have trained into Vocally?

    Yes, you can. Although rarely used, Vocally allows you to erase all of the names it has stored in memory.

Does Vocally work with Cellular Telephones?

    Vocally is a home/office product intended for use with regular wired telephones, speakerphones, and standard home/office "cordless" phones. Vocally connects to a telephone jack, as you would find in a normal home or office environment. We do not provide a method to connect cellular telephones to our product, in part because each brand of cellular phone has a different, proprietary, method for connecting wires to them. We are aware of products on the market that permit cellular telephones to be connected to regular household telephones, to allow sharing of services. We have not tested any of these products for compatibility with Vocally.

How do I train numbers into Vocally for people who have more than one phone number (cell, home, work, etc)?

    There can only be on number per name in Vocally. The easy way to handle this is to make different names for each number that indicate what kind of call it is. For example, you could use "Home Mary Jones" and "Cell Mary Jones." If you do this, it is best to not have another entry which is only "Mary Jones," since the voice recognition engine within Vocally may confuse that with the other entries.

Are the names and numbers erased when I disconnect Vocally from its power supply or during a power failure?

    No. Each name and number you train Vocally is immediately stored in a non-volatile flash memory that can store your data for over 20 years without power.

Are there any additional costs beside the cost of Vocally itself, for example from my phone company?

    No, not at all. There is no additional fees or costs beside the cost of the unit itself. 
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