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QuadMouse Configurator

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OUR MOST POPULAR! No hand, arm, or even head movement needed! Work & play effectively! Efficient and productive computer accessibility for school, work, & free time. Control with Chin, Lips, or Tongue. Clamp to the front edge of the desk, wheelchair armrest, bedside table, bed rail, and more.
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Mounting Options
3rd Arm Flex Super Clamp 26'' Chin-Mouth Control Mount with Perfect Positioning Ball Joint

3rd Arm Flex C-Clamp Base 26'' Chin-Mouth Control Mount with Perfect Positioning Ball Joint

3rd Arm Flex 52-Inch Bed Mattress Mount

3rd Arm Desktop Extension Jointed Mount

Robo Arm Mount Kit for Wheelchair or Bed

QuadMouse Joystick Options
QuadMouse 5/8'' Frosted Ball Mouthpieces (Set of 2)

QuadMouse Smooth Ball Mouthpieces (Set of 2)

QuadMouse  Fingertip or Tongue Cup Concave Joystick Extension (Set of 2)

Additional Options
Dragon NaturallySpeaking by Nuance

19'' Flexarm USB Desktop Microphone - Noise-Canceling Voice Recognition

Voice Recognition compatible Digital USB Desktop  Microphone

Wheelchair Head Rest Flexible Boom Microphone for Vocalize & Computer

3ft (1m) USB Passive Extension Cable

Ability Switches
Roughneck Dual Pushbutton Switches with auditory feedback

Light Touch 2g Switch

Roughneck Single Pushbutton Switch

Sip-n-Puff Switches
Sip-n-Puff USB Gaming Headset for PS2/PS3/Wii/PC Motorola NFL-Style

Wireless Bluetooth Sip-n-Puff Headset for PlayStation 3/4, PC, Android

Sip-n-Puff Tubing Custom Mounting Kit


QuadMouse - control with Chin, Lips, or Tongue

No hand, arm, or even head movement needed! Work & play effectively with only slight 1/4 inch movement of Chin, Lips, or Tongue! Made especially for disabled or handicapped people with no use of their arms.

Broadened Horizons offers everything you need for efficient and productive computer accessibility for school, work, and free time!  Click, double-click, and right-click the mouse with the built in secondary joystick. Use the built-in speed adjustability to customize mouse sensitivity. Type with voice-recognition software using one of our recommended microphones. Alternatively gain full control over your computer using voice, ability switches, or other methods using any of these recommended software options.


New V3 Features

  • Built-in Drag (click and hold) eliminates any need to install software or configure drivers! Scroll, move, resize, drag and drop, and select multiple items with ease using either left or right click.
  • Joysticks require less force to operate than previous models.
  • All user-programmed speed settings are saved in the QuadMouse memory and are retained even when the computer is turned off.
  • Step through the four speed channels in either direction.
  • Store up to 16 user programmable speeds for each of the four channels, or select one of four factory preset configurations.
  • Updated programming to emulate an 8 button mouse.


  • Driverless support on Windows, Linux, and Apple. Simply plug the quadmouse into a USB port and you are ready to start.
  • Click, double-click, and right-click with the built in secondary joystick.
  • Adjust mouse speed to customize mouse sensitivity with the secondary joystick.
  • The quadmouse can be used simultaneously with other mouse/joystick/game controllers.


  • Quadmouse V3
  • User Manual


Computer Accessibility Software recommended for use with Quadmouse.


Gaming for those only able to move their lips or tounge.

Play ANY game that can be played using a mouse! Voice Control Interactive Gaming Software is the recommended complement for complete hands-free control of most keyboard shortcuts, commands, and even allows for the creation of custom macros. This software works great for Flight Simulators, First Person Shooters, Racing, and 60 of the most popular PC games!

Help other disabled individuals like yourself select the best  PC games that you can play with our accessible mouse controllers by contacting us with your suggestions or experience with various games.

Alternatives for Consideration/Comparison QuadJoy

  • Click, double-click, & right-click mouse or adjusts speed for all skill levels with built-in secondary joystick

Optional Software Utilities to Enhance your QuadMouse Experience

X-Mouse Button Control (free)
(For QuadMouse_Proportional & QuadMouse_8Func Models) Allows you to assign various functions to the extra mouse buttons.

Virtual Keyboard and Other Mouse Utilities

Click-N-Type Virtual On-screen Keyboard (free) by Lake Software

Puts a mouse-operated virtual keyboard on the screen. Click-N-Type from  is the best on-screen keyboard for mouse operation that I have found. It is freeware and there are several additional components (also free) that can be incorporated to enhance operation. It is a very complete and configurable program. One enhancement (Click-N-Type Designer from Polital Enterprises LLC, listed below) allows you to redesign the keyboard layout in any manner you desire. Very nice! Another option speaks the letters and key names as you hover over or click on the keys.
To download, go to the Click-N-Type website: 

  • Watch video demonstrations showing how you can type with the QuadMouse (or any mouse) using the Click-N-Type virtual onscreen keyboard.
  • Click-N-Type Designer (free) by Polital Enterprises LLC
    Enables the user to design custom keyboard layouts for  Click-N-Type Virtual On-screen Keyboard


Dwell Clicking & Click Assist

Not recommended for use with the model TM05 through TM08 TetraMouse because advanced clicking functions are built into these models. Makes advanced mouse operations more accessible for mice requiring alternative means of clicking. Another freeware program, it can be used along with the Click-N-Type keyboard. 
To download, go to the Point-N-Click website:

Click Aid
Not recommended for use with the model TM05 through TM08 TetraMouse because advanced clicking functions are built into these models. ClickAid is like the Point-N-Click program but it has fewer options and also is freeware. It is good if you just want a few advanced mouse operations. To download, go to the ClickAid page at

The section below applies ONLY to older TM03 and TM04 TetraMouse models

Microsoft IntelliPoint Mouse Drivers 

NOTE: Microsoft's "ClickLock" option in some of their mouse drivers is no longer needed with the TM05 TetraMouse because of the built-in click and hold features. The Microsoft mouse drivers are made available here in case you want to change your mouse driver for any reason. Some Logitech mouse drivers may not work correctly with the TetraMouse (the TetraMouse pointer moves too slowly) in which case it is recommended that you install a Microsoft mouse driver. 

The ClickLock option is standard in Windows XP. To acheive the same function in other versions of Windows you may choose to download the Microsoft IntelliPoint mouse software for your version of Windows (links listed below) or use the Point-N-Click program included on the TetraMouse CD which allows the user to perform many advanced mouse operations. It is recommended that you read the help files for the Point-N-Click program if you decide to use it. The IntelliPoint software is preferred to Point-N-Click for achieving the ClickLock function due to its simplicity of set up and use.

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Hello, I was wondering what the connection for this device is (USB etc) and also what each of the joysticks does? Many thanks in advance, Bill
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by Ability or Control Method No Control - Not Applicable, with ECU - Infrared IR, with ECU - discrete TTL, Limited Hand Dexterity, Some Finger Dexterity (no arm movement), Arm Movement (no finger dexterity), Voice - Speaker Independent, Voice - Speaker Dependent, Voice - Dictation, Breath- Blow or Suck Lightly, Using any Ability Switch, Mouth, Tongue, or Facial Gestures, Good Head Movement, Feet or Toes

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