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Powershooter Powered Gun Mount Pkg for C1-C5 Quadraplegics

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Quick Overview

Designed for use by people with no arm or hand function to utilize a firearm with precision and safety. THE solution for all types of hunters. RESPECT nature and enjoy the outdoors!

The Powershooter is designed for individuals with no hand or arm movement to operate completely by mouth and chin. The Powershooter comes standard with a power trigger to fire the weapon. This is operated by a very slight suction on the blue tube in the picture. Windage and elevation are controlled by the joystick using your chin. 

  • Selectable speed controls on the windage and elevation allow you to set the speed that is most comfortable for you.
  • Supports all shotguns, rifles, crossbows, and pistols (require optional Pistol Mounting Adapter Bracket $225).
  • Recoil compensation mechanism included to help absorb some of the shock from firing a large caliber gun for comfort, safety, and accuracy
  • Power2Go Compact Power Adapter from Broadened Horizons conveniently plugs into wheelchair's 3-prong charging socket 
  • Trigger mechanism is fully adjustable up and down, back and forth.  
  • Comes complete with necessary hardware to mount on the wheelchair.  
  • Takes less than a minute to attach Powershooter when you are ready to use it. 
  • Switching between weapons is also quick and simple!
  • Proudly Made in the USA by our partner BE Adaptive
  • Free unlimited manufacturer's tech support 

Installation on Your Chair

  • Place the mounting plate with receiver tube under your cushion before being transferred into the chair. 
  • Once you are in the chair, simply set the Powershooter Powered Gun Mount in the receiver tube located between your legs. 
  • Place your weapon on the Powershooter and secure
  • Plug Power2Go adapter into wheelchair's 3 prong charging socket
  • Aim and Fire!

* Wheelchair Compatibility - The design simplicity of the mounting plate allows it to work with almost any brand of wheelchair. If for some unforeseen reason the mounting plate will not work in your situation, a slight modification can be made or we will gladly work with you to design something that will. 


Gun Mounts Item Specific Returns Policy

Due to the unique nature, seasonality, and physical dimensions of gun-mount products, Broadened Horizons moneyback satisfaction guarantee cannot apply. Instead, we evaluate each perspective customer’s unique individual needs to avoid sending out equipment that will not fit their needs.  Our return policy is a 20% restocking fee on the original purchase price of the item less shipping.  Customer is responsible for return shipping cost and it has to be returned in new condition within 30 days from date of purchase.  All returns will be evaluated for damage before a refund will be issued. 

To try before you buy, contact a local nonprofit that provides outdoor recreation hunting opportunities for sportsmen such as OWL for the National Wild Turkey Hunters Federation to find out if they or any members already own any similar equipment.  Possibly that organization may even purchase a unit for multiple individuals to try, share, utilize, or loan.

Powershooter And Sharpshooter Shown With A Variety Of Pistol And Long Guns.

 Click Here For Slide Show [Has Music]


Charles Daly 12 gauge in the Powershooter

So you have a pistol grip or cut off stock for another product on the market ? 
Mossberg 500 12 gauge shotgun with pistol grip in Powershooter pistol  mount.



AK-47 in Powershooter


AR-15 in Powershooter
Watch the over shoulder video of a gallon jug of water explode at a 100 yards.


Crossbow in Powershooter



Ruger Super Red Hawk 44 mag in Powershooter pistol  mount.


Thompson Center Encore 7MM-08 in Powershooter pistol  mount.

9mm Caliber Auto Loader in Powershooter Pistol Mount


9mm Caliber Auto Loader in Sharpshooter Pistol Mount


Ruger Super Red Hawk 44 mag in Sharpshooter 
pistol  mount.


Thompson Center Encore 7MM-08 in Sharpshooter 
pistol  mount.

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Would it be possible for a trial use of the gun mount? OR Can the gun mount be returned if not easy to use/satisfactory to user?
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Warranty 1 Year
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By Disability or Limitation No Head Movement - Tongue/Lips/Facial Gestures Only, Head Movement Only, No Arm Movement with some Finger Dexterity, Arm Movement with Limited Finger Dexterity, C1-C3 Quadriplegia, C4 Quadriplegia, C5 Quadriplegia, C6-C7 Quadriplegia, ALS - Lou Gehrig's Disease, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy or SMA, Multiple Sclerosis, Paraplegia, Limited Speech or Nonvocal, Stroke, Unable to Walk - Wheelchair User, Brachial Plexus Injury, Limited Hearing or Deaf, Limited Vision or Blind, Arthritis, RSI, Tendinitis, Elderly, Not Disabled, Temporarily Able-Bodied
by Ability or Control Method No Control - Not Applicable, with ECU - Infrared IR, with ECU - discrete TTL, Limited Hand Dexterity, Some Finger Dexterity (no arm movement), Arm Movement (no finger dexterity), Voice - Speaker Independent, Voice - Speaker Dependent, Voice - Dictation, Breath- Blow or Suck Lightly, Using any Ability Switch, Mouth, Tongue, or Facial Gestures, Good Head Movement, Feet or Toes

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