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Robo Arm 1.2-1.5 inch Chrome Tubing Clamp Base for Manual Wheelchair or Bed Side Rails

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Quick Overview

Perfect on the shin, knee, or thigh section of manual wheelchair tubing frames and on bed side rails including Pro-Bed Freedom Bed side rails that oscillate slightly as the bed rotates

About the Wheelchair Adapter Plate (WC-AP)

The Wheelchair Adapter Plate (WC-AP) is used to mount to chairs or mounts that have a hole spacing associated with it.
Wheelchairs that have a series of holes along the seat rail can typically be mounted with a WC-AP.
This plate fits 1/4" or 6mm bolts, and spans from 1 inch [25mm] to 2 inches [50mm].

Once attached, the Wheelchair Adapter Plate (WC-AP) can mount to the hardware below:

  • Adjustable Wheelchair Bracket WB(Adjustable)
  • Solid Wheelchair Bracket WB2(Solid)
  • Wheelchair L-Angled Extension Plate WC-LAE
  • Wheelchair Adapter Plate 2 WC-AP2

Adapter Plate (WC-AP)
Wheelchair Adapter Plate (WC-AP)

Hole Spacing Illustrations. Click to enlarge
Wheelchair Frame with Hole Spacing
(Round & Square/Rectangular)

Attaching an Adapter Plate to Wheelchair Frame with Hole Spacing

AP to Holes Illustration. Click to enlarge
Tools needed:
  • 3/16" Hex Key (provided with every Mount'n Mover)
  • 7/16" Socket, Box, Open or an Adjustable-End Wrench
Attachment Instructions
  1. Determine that the hole spacing on the wheelchair is accommodated by the Adapter Plate (WC-AP).
    If there are several options, choose the widest span possible.
    1. Largest hole spacing can accommodate holes spaced up to 2 inches apart [50 mm]
    2. Smallest hole spacing can accommodate holes spaced 1 inches apart [25 mm]
  2. Orient the Adapter Plate to best suit the specific mounting location (it can be flipped so the threaded mounting holes are above or below the bolt points).
  3. Thread both the provided bolts (1/4"-28 x 2" long) through the hole and slot to line up with the wheelchair hole spacing.
  4. Screw the bolts into the provided locknuts, and tighten.

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Example 1: Mounting to Wheelchair Frame with Hole Spacings (Round Tubing).

side view: detail view of attaching the WC-AP. Click to enlarge   side view: mounted using the WC-AP and WB2(solid). Click to enlarge  

The picture on the left shows someone lining up the WC-AP to the wheelchair frame holes.
Hole spacing on this particular chair (the Quickie P220) is 1".
Footrest removal is not obstructed in this setup, and the WC-AP could be moved rearward on the wheelchair frame to accomodate if it did.

Components shown: Wheelchair Adapter Plate (WC-AP), and the Solid Wheelchair Bracket WB2(solid)

Example 2: Mounting to Wheelchair Frame with Hole Spacings (Square/Rectangular Tubing).

side view: WC-AP mounted onto rectangular frame with hole spacing  

This picture shows an Adapter Plate (WC-AP) attached to a rectangular rail with hole spacing. If you look closely (click on the picture to enlarge) you can see that there are two holes that can be mounted to.
The larger hole spacing is selected in favor of the tighter hole spacing for the broadest base of support.

Components shown: Wheelchair Adapter Plate (WC-AP)

Example 3: Mounting to a pre-existing hardware.

side view: mounting the WC-AP to pre-existing hardware   front view: mounting the WC-AP to a Daessy Multiple Hole Adapter  

There are many instances where a wheelchair already has some mounting hardware attached.
Assuming that the pre-installed hardware is robust enough, it may be easier for people to mount onto that hardware.
Shown above are the Adapter Plate (WC-AP) mounted onto an unknown mounting system, and onto Daedelus systems Multi Hole Adapter.

Components shown: Wheelchair Adapter Plate (WC-AP), and the Adjustable Wheelchair Bracket WB(adjustable)

These are only a few examples of how some people have successfully mounted to their wheelchairs.
We understand that every case is different, so If you have any questions about mounting or the Mount'n Mover in general,

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