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Elitar-Sigma Light Sport Aircraft

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Quick Overview

With its unique high set when mounted engine over the cockpit and flip-up bowling doors, transferring in and out of the Sigma from a wheelchair is much easier than almost any other light sport aircraft. More affordable than many other light sport aircraft it with excellent quality manufacturing in Russia.


This aircraft is unique and notable for its high-set wing-mounted engine over the cockpit which makes shorter landing gear possible.  Complemented by gull wing doors that flip up out-of-the-way, this more natural height from tarmac to seat makes getting in and out and transfers from a wheelchair into the aircraft seat much, much easier. The modular structure of the aircraft makes it easier to introduce modifications meeting any customer’s requirements.  Safety is improved by keeping the cockpit separate from engine, fuel tanks and lines, etc.

The Sigma is manufactured in Russia which has strong aviation design and manufacturing history, facilities, and well-trained personnel.  These advantages come together in a $80,000 ultra modern all composite extremely strong and safe airframe.

Broadened Horizons is encouraging the manufacturer to add hand controls as a standard option like the Paradise P1 and the Flight Design CTLS.  Write Elitar on their website encouraging them to make hand controls a standard option on the Sigma.

Elitar-Sigma aircraft is designed in full conformity with the USA FAA regulations for light sport airplanes and is intended for instructional and training flights, patrolling of forestlands, fields and fishing areas in order to protect them against poaching, for patrolling along power transmission lines, oil and gas pipe lines to monitor their condition, for air photosurveying, for aerotourism, private business travels, hunting and fishing.

  The aircraft is a semi-cantilever high-wing monoplane of conventional design with nose top-mounted power plant. Design feature of Elitar-Sigma is missing of fuselage in its ordinary sense. Primary structural members of this aircraft are upper and lower beams fastened to each other by center-line pylon and forward strut. Outer wings, empennage, engine and cockpit are attached to the upper beam. Aircraft operating controls, engine controls, pilot seats and fuel tank are attached to the lower beam.

  Single-spar wing of rectangular planform is equipped with slotted flaps and drooped ailerons. The structural frame of the outer wings is metal; the skin is composed of three-layered glass-fiber panels with plastic foam filler. Flaps are also of glass fiber. Ailerons consist of metal structure with a profiled leading edge of glass-fiber and a fabric skin impregnated with aircraft dope.

  Cantilever empennage is of conventional design. Stabilizer and fin have all-metal construction. Framework of control surfaces is metal, riveted, and the skin is made of fabric. The elevator is mass-balanced. False fin with a tail bumper is mounted on the underside of the longitudinal beam.

  There are two oval doors on the left and right sides of the closed two-seat cockpit. These doors are fitted with big oval-shaped convex non-bound windows ensuring very good vision range. The doors open outside up. In the front part of the cockpit a non-bound windshield glazing is mounted. Two oval-shaped non-bound windows are fixed on the rear left and right sides.

  Pilot seats are placed side-by-side, and the primary pilot seat is on the right. Seat backs are made adjustable and reclining, they can be folded forward and easily removed if necessary. Behind the seat backs there is a flat fuel tank separated from the cockpit by a special casing. Upper surface of this casing is a baggage hold. Behind the right seat the parachute fast-acting escape system BPS K-600 is installed.

  Aircraft control system is dual and comprises two control sticks and two pedal units. The pedals can be adjusted for pilot’s height. Control linkage is rigid for pitch and roll channels. For yaw channel it is a control cable.

  The landing gear is tricycle non-retractable spring-type with a nose wheel. Main wheels are equipped with hydraulic brakes with mechanical cable control run. The nose wheel is steerable, it is pedal-controlled through cable run. The aircraft design and instrumentation allow to carry out flights in daylight hours according to visual flight rules (VFR).

  This aircraft can be operated in all climatic zones within the temperature range -35 to+40 °C. Elitar-Sigma can be additionally equipped with ski or float-type landing gear.


Wing span, m (ft) 9.8 (32.14)
Length, m (ft) 5.96 (19.54)
Height, m (ft) 2.92 (9.57)


Length, m (ft) 4.84 (15.87)
Width, m (ft) 1.22 (4)
Height, m (ft) 1.25 (4.1)
Number of seats 2 pers.


Maximum permissible operating flight speed, km/h (mph) 240  (149)
Maximum cruising speed, km/h (mph) 210  (130)
Maximum maneuvering speed, km/h (mph) 170  (105)
Minimum permissible speed
- flaps retracted, knots (mph) 59 (68)
- flaps extended by 20°, knots (mph) 54 (62)
- flaps extended by 40°, knots (mph) 49 (56)


Vso (in landing configuration), knots (mph) 41  (47)
Vs1 (in take off configuration), knots (mph) 43  (50)
Vs (in cruise configuration), knots (mph) 45  (53)



Head wind during takeoff and landing, m/s (mph) 10  (22)
Tail wind during takeoff and landing, m/s (mph) 5  (11)
Cross-wind component at the angle of 90 to runway, m/s (mph) 6  (13,2)
Cloud ceiling, at least, m (ft) 150  (492)
Horizontal visibility, at least, m (ft) 3000  (9840)


Engine manufacturer BOMBARDIER-ROTAX (Austria)
Type of engine four-stroke, with four opposed cylinders
Make of engine ROTAX-912ULS
Cooling composite water-air
Engine power, hp (kW):
- maximum takeoff 100 (73,9) at crankshaft rotation frequency of 5800 rpm
- nominal 93 (69) at CS rotation frequency of 5500 rpm
- in cruising mode 68,5 (51) at CS rotation frequency of 5000 rpm


Maximum takeoff weight, kg (lbs) 600 (1320)
Maximum landing weight, kg (lbs) 600 (1320)
Maximum payload, kg (lbs) 216,5 (477)
Aircraft operational weight, kg (lbs) 336 (739,2)
Empty weight, kg (lbs) 350 (770)
Maximum aircraft operational empty weight, kg (lbs) 383,5 (845)
Gas type Auto gas, premium
Fuel tank capacity, L (Gal) 65 (17.1)
Takeoff run, m (ft) 70 (230)
Flight range, km (mile) 650 (404)


Integrated engine control electronic device “FLYdat” with digital display is mounted in the aircraft. This device has no special marking. Should any parameter exceeds permissible limits, a respective display starts blinking and “FLYdat” warning annunciator turns on.


Price of Elitar-Sigma Aircraft

Elitar-Sigma in basic configuration * 80000
Set of float-type landing gear with fittings 11100
Fast-acting parachute escape system BPS K-600-00 MVEN ** 4600
Dynon EFIS-D100 ( Electronic Flight Information System ) *** 4400
Set of ski landing gear with fittings 2200
Radio station ( ICOM A210) 1950
Radio station ( ICOM A200) 1300
Navigation lights on outer wings and tail fin 1250
Sports seats (alcantara/leather trim) 1950
Aircraft covers 1100
Landing gear fairings 200
Fire extinguisher OU-2 80
Total cost:   USD

  Price for the Goods is accepted as EXW SAMARA in accordance with EXW SAMARA INCOTERMS-2000 and includes flight tests

* Basic configuration:

  Aircraft includes the following:  cockpit, engine control system, fuel system, flaps, ailerons, elevator and rudder; engine bed with cowls and fillets; wing bracing struts, outer wing panels with hinged flaps and ailerons, tail fin with rudder, stabilizer with elevator, flight intercom; pilot’s seats with harnesses.

  Flight navigation instruments: speed indicator, altimeter, vertical speed indicator, magnetic compass, sideslip indicator, fuel indicator, direct-current voltmeter 0..30V, electrical battery 12V with capacity of 26 А/h, FIAMM GSF 22703.

  Engine Rotax 912 ULS, 4 cycle, 100 hp (Austria) coming with integrated engine control electronic device FLYdat. Three-blade propeller R101 manufactured in Lugansk with ground-adjusted variable pitch, air-intake covers.

  Wheeled landing gear (nose and main landing gear units) with hydraulic brakes.


  An optional Fast-acting Parachute Escape System BPS K-600-00 MVEN brings the entire airplane gently to the ground in case of an emergency.

*** Dynon EFIS-D100:

  Dynon's EFIS-D100 is the most affordable large screen Electronic Flight Information System on the market today.

  Based on the best-selling EFIS-D10A, the 7" wide-screen display features large, easy to read text and graphics and is capable of displaying multiple pages side by side in a split-screen format. The instrument integrates multiple flight instruments, including airspeed, altitude, gyro-stabilized magnetic compass, turn rate, slip/skid ball, bank angle, and vertical speed. Other useful functions include a clock/timer, g-meter, voltmeter and density altitude/true airspeed calculator.

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