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Tekkeon myPowerAll Portable Battery Kit with built-in Voltage Converter.

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Quick Overview

50% OFF OPEN BOX. Includes Valuable Voltage lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack, barrel adapter plugs, AC charger, & black leather case.

50% OFF OPEN BOX. Includes Valuable Voltage lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack, barrel adapter plugs, AC charger, & black leather case.

myPower ALL MP3450 R2

Use just one battery to power and charge your portable devices! Most portable devices are often in need of recharging after just 2 to 4 hours of use. With myPower ALL, you can enjoy hours of extended play time on laptop computers, portable DVD players, camcorders, MP3 players, portable CD players, mobile phones, and other portable consumer electronic products. You carry a single lightweight rechargeable battery for all or most of your portable devices.

myPower ALL Plus MP3450 provides up to 19V to power and/or charge laptops and other devices like camcorders, and include a bonus USB output port to simultaneouslly charge other small portable devices. Selecting the right voltage for a personal device is done quickly and easily. Because myPower ALL Plus MP3450 automatically resets to the lowest setting after a device is connected, you will never overcharge your portable device.

MP3450 R2
MP3450i R2
Wide range of laptops/portable devices
Portable instruments and equipment
Extra Power      
Power/charge up to 19V
Power/charge up to 19V
  Digital Camcorder
  iPod/MP3 Player
  Mobile Phone
  Portable CD Player
  Portable DVD Player
Voltage Setting  
Voltage Selector
Manual Setting
Adapter Tips   9 5

Tekkeon MP3450i Earns 5 Star Rating

myPower ALL Compatibility

View myPower ALL compatibility lists by clicking on the appropriate product category below:

Digital Camcorders (PDF)
e-Readers, Lighting, Photo Frames, Recorders & More(PDF)
iPad and Tablets (PDF)
Mobile Phones (PDF)
MP3 and Portable Media Players (PDF)
Laptops (PDF)
PDA, GPS, & Games (PDF)
Portable DVDs (PDF)
Routers (PDF)

myPower ALL Features

Extra Power
MP3450 R2 
(50 Wh) 
w/ extended battery
MP3450i R2 
(58 Wh) 
w/ extended battery

Laptop Computer
3.5/7 hrs 4/7.5 hrs
Digital Camcorder 12/24 hrs 14/26 hrs
e-Reader 100/200 hrs 117/217 hrs
GPS 20/40 hrs 23/43 hrs
iPad 17/34 hrs 17/34 hrs
iPhone 43/86 hrs 50/93 hrs
iPod/MP3 Player 42/84 hrs 48/90 hrs
Mobile Phone 60/120 hrs 
talk time
70/130 hrs 
talk time
PDA 14/28 hrs 16/30 hrs
Portable CD Player 96/192 hrs 111/207 hrs
Portable DVD Player 6/12 hrs 7/13 hrs video
Portable Media Center 12/24 hrs video
30/60 hrs audio
14/26 hrs video
35/65 hrs audio
Smart Phone 43/86 hrs 
talk time
50/93 hrs 
talk time

Note: Hours shown are approximate and will vary depending on connected device. Extra run time for 17" laptops will be lower. myPower ALL will power virtually all laptops for which an adapter is available, and that draw up to 90W output power from the device power adapter. Each battery contains 4 grams of lithium, which is less than the FAA maximum of 8 grams for carry-on luggage.

Universal to power and charge hundreds of portable devices
Includes adapters for connection to most major brands of portable devices
MP3450 voltage lock holds current voltage setting
Extend to double the capacity; multiple myPower ALL batteries can be added to significantly increase the capacity
Preset voltages enable dedicated power setting on MP3450i
Power and charge your laptop and portable device at the same time via a bonus USB port
Visual indicators identify exact power level
Small and lightweight so it’s comfortable to carry
Designed with high degree of safety
Multi-layer protection circuitry to help prevent over-charging, over-discharging, over-
  current, short circuit
Flame-retardant plastics that exceed industry requirements
Design that minimizes heat

myPower ALL Tech Specs

  MP3450 R2 MP3450i R2
Size and Weight
Weight 15.3 oz 15.9 oz
Size 6.85" (L) x 3.32" (W) x .89" (D) 6.85" (L) x 3.32" (W) x .89" (D)
Electrical Specifications
Battery Cell Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Lithium Polymer
Voltage Supported 5V, 6V, 7.5V, 9V, 12V, 14V, 16V, 19V 5V, 5.5V, 6V, 6.5V, 7.5V, 8.4V, 9V, 10V, 11V, 12V, 13V, 14V, 15V, 16V, 18V, 19V
Total Energy Capacity 50 Wh 58 Wh
Output Current Up to 4.0A Up to 4.0A
Charging Time 4 hrs 4 hrs
Input Charging Voltage 12 - 20VDC 12-24VDC
Included Travel Charger Input Charging Voltage 100 - 240VAC 100 - 240VAC
Included Travel Charger Output Voltage/Output Current 19VDC/3.16A 20VDC/3.00A
Adapter Tips 9 (including mini USB) 5
USB Output Port Built-in Built-in
Accessories Output cord, Adapter pouch, Retractable USB cable Output cord, Adapter pouch
Temperature Specifications
Storage Temperature -20 - 35°C 
(-4 - 95°F)
-20 - 35°C 
(-4 - 95°F)
Operating Temperature Range
Charge 0 - 40°C 
(32 - 104°F)
0 - 40°C 
(32 - 104°F)
Discharge -20 - 60°C 
(-4 - 140°F)
-20 - 85 °C 
(-4 - 185 °F)
Capacities (mAh)
5V 10,000 11,600
6V 8,300 9,600
7.5V 6,600 7,700
9V 5,500 6,400
12V 4,100 4,800
14V 3,500 4,100
16V 3,100 3,600
19V 2,600 3,000
Capacity Indicator
Red LED 1-10% Power ON
Green LED #1 10-25% 1-15%
Green LED #2 25-40% 15-35%
Green LED #3 40-50% 35-50%
Green LED #4 50-60% 50-60%
Green LED #5 60-70% 60-70%
Green LED #6 70-85% 70-85%
Green LED #7 85-100% 85-100%
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