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The CORE - ECU Companion Control Kit

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Quick Overview

SIX channels of plug-and-play wireless simplicity: nurse call, landline phone, cell phone, door opener, lighting + extending your ECU's capabilities, and infusing independence into your modern 'connected' life.

The CORE brings it all together, extending your ECU's reach, capabilities, and infusing independence into your facility or home and modern 'connected' life.  SIX channels of plug-and-play wireless simplicity.  No special training or new knowledge required.  Plug-in and start using.* 

True to Broadened Horizons modular design, you can create a configuration specific to your needs, or even make changes throughout the day without requiring any new configuration, setup, or training!  100% control through your ECU using only your voice or any 1 ability switch.  Control any channel with any ability switch independent from, or in combination with your ECU.


  • Nurse Call and/or Assistance Request Chime
  • Landline Speakerphone
  • Cell Phone Bluetooth Speakerphone
  • Vocalize-It Voice Dial by Name/Number, Dictate Text Messages, E-Mails, and Facebook & Twitter Updates, and more
  • Emergency Dialer with unique Remote Responder Activation
  • Door Opener Activation
  • Lamp, Fan, or any other plug-in device

COMPLETE CONTROL by Voice or Switch through ANY ECU.  The CORE learns any IR signal.

    • VoiceIR (Voice Me)
    • Relax Mini
    • Relax 2, Relax 3, Relax 4
    • Pilot Lite & Pilot Pro (formerly SiCare)
    • PocketMate
    • Control PROG
    • Quartet, Multimedia Max, Dynavox, and almost any other ECU

See Details Tab for Options, Upgrades, Substitutions, and other details

DETAILS of Each Channel, Options, and Upgrades

  1. Wireless Nurse Call and/or Assistance Request Chime
    • Wireless Switch Module & 1/4" Wall Plug Adapter Kit to activate Hospital or Rehabilitation Center's Nurse Call System
    • Wireless Assistance Request Time can be moved from room to room with caregiver - no demeaning baby monitors!
    • add $129 for Wireless Outdoor Siren Alarm - Great for rural settings or alerting neighbors if desired.
    • substitute $549 Wireless Nurse Call System Bedside HD Radio (2 to 5 mile Long-Range also great for rural)
  2. TalkSafe Speakerphone with 1 Year FREE of NEW Vocalize-It service
    • Vocalize-It is Broadened Horizons NEW 100% hands-free, Voice-Control only service
      • Voice Dial by Name or Digits with 100 minutes FREE long-distance calling in the US and Canada each month
      • Send SMS Text Message by Voice with Dictation
      • Compose, listen to, reply, forward, & delete Email by Voice with Dictation 
      • Post Facebook & Twitter updates by Voice with Dictation
      • Search the web by voice and listen to news, weather, traffic, & stock updates, find businesses, and get driving directions
      • Easily and conveniently configure with any web browser
      • Optionally add a 2nd Year ($89.95) or 3rd Year ($169.95) of Vocalize-It service and save!
        • After 1st year Vocalize-It* service costs $12.99 monthly, $99 annual, or $249 3 Year
    • for nonvocal TalkSafe offers 1 to 3 Speed Dials to access Operator Assist, Relay Services, or caregiver
    • Upgrade: $299 Name and Digit Hardware Voice Dialer (eliminates need for Vocalize-It service)
    • Upgrade: $499 TalkIR Pro speakerphone (requires Name & Digit Hardware Voice Dialer option)
      higher-quality full-duplex speakerphone with direct IR control frees up 1 channel on The Core
    • can substitute Ameriphone RC 200 speakerphone you already have **
  3. Communicator Cell Phone Bluetooth Speakerphone - activates phone's built-in voice dialing
    • Supports ANY Bluetooth cell phone - does not include cell phone or service
    • used with included Vocalize-It service - take with you (3rd Arm Wheelchair Armrest Mini Mount Recommended)
    • Alternatives which operate completely independent from The Core
      • Wheelchair Integrated Voice Control = Vocalize Bluetooth Cell Phone Voice Control System
      • Non-Vocal Users recommend Click2Phone Switch or Joystick Bluetooth Phone Controller
  4. TalkSafe Emergency Dialer with unique Remote Responder Activation
    • substitute your Lifeline or any other emergency dialer or service by sending us your remote for custom integration
  5. Door Opener Activation - have control over who you let in!
    • All brands supported: Open Sesame, Power Access, Skylink, Stanley, Gentlemen Door, etc. or simply your garage door
    • consider adding The Butler for secure, 100% hands-free independent door activation both coming home or leaving
  6. Wireless On/Off Wall Outlet Control Module controls Lamp, Fan, or any other plug-in device avoiding X10 troubles
    • add $79 2nd RF Wireless On/Off Wall Outlet Control Module (requires free channel or activated simultaneous)
  7. CUSTOM -ANY other Devices - requires a free channel - i.e. if not using cell phone, emergency dialer, or door opener, etc.
    • If you have a device with a remote such as Windows, power blinds, etc., send it to us for custom integration
    • included Wireless Switch Module could be wired into fireplace, or any pushbutton device without a remote


* Setup Specifics: ECU control requires training your ECU with 6 commands (i.e. in the same way you programmed for TV control).  Optional cell phone edge door opener control require pairing.  Emergency dialer requires phone numbers to be entered and message recorded.  1-3 Hours Personal, Professional Phone Training and Setup Support available for $69.95 per hour

**TalkSafe Emergency Dialer can optionally be removed, saving $250 IF utilizing Communicator Cell Phone Speakerphone or substituting a Ameriphone RC200 speakerphone you already have.


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SKU EcF0793.a
Weight 5.0000
Free Ground Shipping No
Flat Shipping Rate No
Includes No
Brand Broadened Horizons
Product Label No
Dimensions No
Warranty 1 Year
Availability No
Shipped from Partner Warehouse No
Harmonization Code No
Barcode No
By Disability or Limitation No Head Movement - Tongue/Lips/Facial Gestures Only, Head Movement Only, No Arm Movement with some Finger Dexterity, Arm Movement with Limited Finger Dexterity, C1-C3 Quadriplegia, C4 Quadriplegia, C5 Quadriplegia, C6-C7 Quadriplegia, ALS - Lou Gehrig's Disease, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy or SMA, Multiple Sclerosis, Limited Speech or Nonvocal, Elderly
by Ability or Control Method with ECU - Infrared IR, with ECU - discrete TTL, Using any Ability Switch

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