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Disability Profile - Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

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A brain injury can, without a doubt, change life in an instant. A traumatic brain injury is an acquired injury caused by external forces leading to disruption in brain activity. It can mean that activities once straightforward may now be difficult or impossible to perform.

A brain injury can cause symptoms such as memory and concentration problems, mental fatigue, poor motor skills, paralysis, speech impairment and impaired balance.

Many people suffering from brain injuries say that they need to live their life at a quieter and slower pace after their injury. In certain cases, depending on the extent of the brain damage, it may be difficult to return to work. It is also common that relationships to others change after a brain injury. Therefore, it is important that families receive the proper support and information.

Rehabilitation is an important part of treatment after a brain injury. An early active rehabilitation supports the spontaneous improvement that occurs by itself. Rehabilitation can be focused on improving various functions such as speech and language, memory, attention and movement.

Depending on the severity of the injury, the affected person might recover and return to their usual lifestyle or stay dependant on others. The Tobii Assistive Technology devices Tobii C12 or Tobii C15 with CEye can provide a voice, allowing communication with family, friends and doctors during the rehabilitation period.  Tobii PCEye is an excellent tool that provides a chance to get back to work and stay active and independent.

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