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Costa Rica

Tranquillity Hill

Owned by a Canadian C5 Quadriplegic, this 9 Room Modern Bed & Breakfast features two brand-new wheelchair accessible suites with kitchenette available for $60-$70 per day.  The pool features a wheelchair ramp to roll right down into the water using a shower chair for example.

PERSONAL CARE ATTENDANTS: This is what makes this destination truly unique.  With 3-4 very friendly local ladies, very well-trained by the quadriplegic disabled owner, they are available to help with a wide variety of personal cares for about $40 per day and can be reserved with your room. This means your family and friends also get to have a vacation!

LOCATION: Beautifully located in the Central Valley when the temperature is always 78-82°F year-round. Only 30-45 minutes from the big city amenities in San Jose and only 30-45 minutes in the opposite direction from the 90°-100°F hot coast 4000 feet lower in altitude.

TRANSPORTATION: Costa Rica has come a long way in the past 10 years actually enforcing and implementing their loss of accessibility and inclusion. 6 Wheelchair Taxis with Rams are available in the nearby small town only three minutes away.  A ride into town is $3-$5.  For a ride to or from the airport budget $30-$50.  Some city buses in the capital, San Jose have wheelchair ramps, and by law they all should have been wheelchair accessible last year, but the bus company has been really fighting the government with boycotts even shutting down all plus transportation in the capital for a day.  Over time they will all be switched over.

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