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Triciclos Free Way 250cc Wheelchair Motorcycle

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Quick Overview

INFORMATIONAL ONLY - Available ONLY in Brazil. Approx. $17K

INFORMATIONAL ONLY - Available ONLY in Brazil. Approx. $17K


  • SPEED = 70 mph (120 km/hour)
  • ENGINE: Liquid-cooled 250cc 4 Cylinder Gasoline
  • MAXIMUM LOAD = 550 pounds (250 kg), up to 800 pounds (365 kg) possible but with slightly reduced performance
  • TIRES 130 / 60 / 13 on Aluminum Wheels (investigating 16 inch tires)
  • PILOT COMPARTMENT: 47.3 long X 31.5 inches (1.2 m long, 0.8 m wide) [most wheelchairs are 25-28 inches wide)
  • FLOOR PAN TO HANDLEBARS = 31.5 inches (0.8 m high) [most tables are 29.5 inches high
  • Liqud Cooling
  • Reverse Gear = MONOBLOCO
  • Electric Start
  • Reliable CDI Electronic Ignition
  • Constant Automatic Transmission
  • Automatic Clutch
  • TOTAL WEIGHT = 436 pounds (198 kg)


  • Winch - wheelchair is pulled into and out of the trike in any angle of slope
  • Removable seat for amblitory, non-wheelchair using riders
  • Removable cover in development

These specifications may change at any time without notice



ENGINE  =                                               SINGLE CYLINDER, 4 STROKE
COOLING =                                             AIR COOLING SYSTEM
BORE =                                                    57.4 MM
STROKE =                                                57,8 MM
DISPLACEMENT =                                 149,6 CC
RATED POWER (KW/RPM) =              6.0/7.000
MAX. POWER (KW/RPM) =                6.8/7.500
MAX. TORQUE (N.M/RPM) =             9.8/6.000
IDLE SPEED (R.MIN) =                          1.700 +- 100
START =                                                  ELECTRIC
TRANSMISSION =                                 CVT ( BELT DRIVE)
GEAR BOX =                                          FULLY AUTOMACTIC
REVERSE SPEED =                                 YES
REAR AXLE =                                          OUTPUT SHAFT  WHEEL DRIVE
BRAKE =                                                  HYD FRONT DISC, CABLE REAR DRUM
TIRE = FRONT/REAR =                         13 INCHES TUBELESS TYRE
MAX SPEED =                                        60 MILES/H
GROUND CLEARANCE                         150 MM   
BATTERY =                                             12 V, 9 Ah
LOAD CAPACITY =                                220 Kg
NET WEIGTH =                                      175 Kg         
PACKING SIZE=                                     2.100 x 950 x 1.050
COLOR =                                                 SILVER, RED, YELLOW  



Frequently Asked Questions

List of frequently asked questions with their answers. If your question is not here, click on the link below this list and ask your question.

Is a license required to drive the Road Chariot?

Yes. The type of license depends on which model and maximum top operating speed. Contact a motorcycle / motorbike / motorscooter driving/licensing school in your town.

Where can I get parts and technical assistance for the Road Chariot?

Both are available by contacting the manufacturer of scooter model used for the adaptation.

What types and models of the wheelchairs can be used with the Road Chariot?

Nearly any wheelchair. The Road Chariot is designed to a comedy ALL wheelchairs.

Where can I ride the Road Chariot?

In the streets, avenues, roads, highways and anywhere motorcycles are license to operate. Interstate Freeways require operation about 45 mph, so only the 200 cc model (and maybe the 150 cc model) is recommended for operation on interstate freeways. The 125 cc model is best kept on streets rated for 45 mph or less, and could be utilized under a license restricted to 30 mph maximum operating speed.

How is the wheelchair secured on the Road Chariot?

For a manual wheelchair, and adjustable seat belt passes across the driver's legs holding them down and against the Road Chariot floor, while a second seat belt crosses behind the wheelchair.  A EZ-lock may be fit, is required for power wheelchairs and is encouraged for manual wheelchairs, providing more rigid security.

How do you lower the ramp?

Electrically by push buttons installed on the rear and also on the front panel. Optionally, the ramp can be operated by remote control.

Can I take a passenger with on the Road Chariot?

YES. The Road Chariot has a flip up passenger seat on the rear ramp.

Does the Road Chariot have a reverse gear?

YES. This facilitates parking and safety by backing up to and lowering the ramp directly onto a sidewalk.

How do I get in and out of the Road Chariot on a hill with a steep slope?

With a "winch" option the wheelchair is pushed in or pulled out without any physical effort by the occupant/operator.

Can the Road Chariot be ridden by a person without a disability?

YES. A comfortable, removable captain's seat is optionally available.

Can I transport goods or luggage on the Road Chariot?

YES. Two side compartments and a front compartment securely store helmets, groceries, a laptop, even documents. Many additional items such as on a road trip can be accommodated on the floor beneath the wheelchair.

What is the maximum speed of the Road Chariot?

The 125 cc Road Chariot can reach 56 mph (90 km/h). A maximum speed of 30 mph (50 km/h) in urban traffic. Always obey posted speed limits and other traffic laws.

62 mph (100 km/h) is expected from the 150 cc model.

Up to 74.5 mph (120 km/h) is expected from the 200 cc model expected to be completed in mid-2012.  

No Deposit Required on pre-orders until confirmed production starts approximately 90 days before expected delivery.

The Road Chariot Highway was designed and developed thinking about the well being and mobility of wheelchair users worldwide. Distributed in North America by Broadened Horizons, the Road Chariot was tested in the real-world conditions of challenging wheelchair accessibility in Brazil.

Everyone has the right and deserves the ability to come and go freely and independently if they have the desire and will.

This freedom can not always be enjoyed. The combination of less financial resources and higher cost of automobiles with lowered floors and ramps or lifts can severely limit transportation availability. However for those with mobility impairments and other special needs, financial condition does not diminish the desire or enjoyment of the freedom to come and go independently. Accessible transportation is often nearly nonexistent outside of metropolitan areas of major cities with accessible public transportation, and even within these areas is often difficult to utilize and limited.  Outside of major metropolitan areas in the United States and Canada, and a few other cities such as Bogotá, Colombia wheelchair friendly or accessible transportation is almost nonexistent throughout the rest of the world.

Bumpy sidewalks, potholes, and many other hazards even for non-handicapped - are some examples of the difficulties that people with disabilities have to face even when accessible public transportation is available. Even in a automobile adapted with a lowered floor, ramps, or wheelchair lift, parking  in dense metropolitan can be extremely difficult if not impossible.  Some metropolitan areas offer free parking at any meter, if you can find one and if you can find one without countless obstructions from street lights to magazine and newspaper dispensers blocking your ability to lower the ramp or lift to the sidewalk.

To solve this problem and ensure the human dignity and freedom of movement to people unable to walk, the Road Chariot was created.

With the Road Chariot a wheelchair user can independently enter and exit the vehicle. They can park nearly anywhere and can even comfortablytake along a passenger. The Road Chariot can even be used by non-wheelchair users, if desired or necessary, such as family and friends or those with with limited balance or simply someone who desires the increased stability of a trike with walk on/walk off simplicity and increased storage capacity over a 2 wheeled vehicle. The rear ramp can be removed if desired

The Road Chariot returns the freedom and rights of people with mobility impairments to come and go independently overcoming the obstacles of life within a dense metropolitan city or the challenges of rural areas with little or no infrastructure.


The Road Chariot City (45-50 mph) and Highway (55-60 mph) Models are available NOW with the Freeway (70-75 mph) model expected to be completed in August-2012.  Then we will be working on alternative quadriplegic throttle & break hand control adaptions for C5, C6, and C7 Quadriplegics with limited or no grasp.

When you confirm your order, currently lead time is 30 days to complete any fit and finish/customizations than 15 to 30 days in shipping.  (Plan for up to 60 days on order confirmation).  Budget $1690 for shipping to most locations in the US and Canada.

Main features are independent ease of access with a wheelchair, freedom to carry a passenger (rider), reverse gear to back up into a parking spot and lower the ramp directly onto a sidewalk.

The Road Chariot can also be driven by a non-wheelchair user.

The Road Chariot is a complete and versatile solution that gives independence and mobility to people with special needs, without creating significant hardships or burdens or even greater challenges to wheelchair users such as transfers or stowing the wheelchair.  The Road Chariot provides the quick simplicity to roll on and roll off, taking your wheelchair with you. No disheveled, sweaty clothing, when you arrive. The Road Chariot even accommodates a companion if desired who does not need to find another means of transportation.

In addition to accommodating a passenger, the Road Chariot has greater secure storage capacity than almost any other motor vehicle in its class.  A convenient helmet storage compartment is available right next to the Rider. Even Road trips with camping equipment or a quick trip to the grocery store are possible.

With the unique reverse gear system, the wheelchair user can park the Road Chariot by backing up to the sidewalk, lowering the ramp almost level onto a sidewalk providing easier entry and exit and greater safety while virtually eliminating the need for special, always occupied handicapped parking. Even if access to the sidewalk is not possible, there is sufficient space to park any normal automobile spot on the street, lower the ramp and get out without entering the flow of traffic. 

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From Augusto Lima, Brazil - 03/23/2010

Subject: The victory of freedom

Translated: "My name is Augusto and I was fortunate to know and be able to buy a [Road Chariot]. From the time I did a test drive, I felt that it was the solution to my need for travel without needing anyone's help or by taxi or bus adapted. The equipment is very easy to operate and using the reverse gear to park in any vaguinha and down with the chair right into the sidewalk. With the seat armed with idle person can take a ride to wherever I go. I am very pleased with my [Road Chariot]. The maintenance, very simple, is identical to a common motorcycle and servicing is very efficient and possible by nearly any company. I tell everyone that my [Road Chariot] changed my life for the better and helps me overcome my difficulties, it is a very important device for me. I hope everyone in my condition may have a tricycle like mine because I know they certainly have a lot of joy and ease in their day to day. Although I paid for it, I appreciate ...making this product. Thank you!"


SKU RcM0970.p
Free Ground Shipping No
Flat Shipping Rate 1750
Includes No
Brand Broadened Horizons
Product Label No
Dimensions Crate Size: 2.3 x 1.05 x 1.2 m - Net 436.5 lbs (198 kg)
Warranty 1 Year
Availability In Development
Shipped from Partner Warehouse Yes
Harmonization Code 8703.21.00 and 9817.00.96 Tax Exempt
Barcode No
By Disability or Limitation C6-C7 Quadriplegia, ALS - Lou Gehrig's Disease, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy or SMA, Multiple Sclerosis, Paraplegia, Stroke, Unable to Walk - Wheelchair User
by Ability or Control Method Limited Hand Dexterity

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