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Hands-Free Voice Activated Telephone & Residential Nurse Call Package for TX STAP & Other State Telephone Equipment Distribution Programs

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Quick Overview

Hands Free Voice Activated Telephone Package features a top-quality Infrared Speakerphone with 50 Name & Digit Voice Dialing and Voice Activated Infrared Telephone Switch. A 100% fully voice activated telephone system plus includes a voice activated emergency chime to alert a caretaker or family member in another part of the home. Success is assured backed by up to 2 hours of Broadened Horizons proven professional phone training and setup support and a comprehensive 1 year warranty.

Printable PDF Brochure

Voice Control Telephone with an infrared remote without reading directions or finding quickly outdated codes! Learns from your original remote, simply talking you through the process by speaking to you. Simply plug in & start using! Stylish & compact 8" diameter great on bedside nightstand and family room coffee table.

Funding assistance available through State Telecommuncations Access Programs, Veterans Administration, Vocational Rehabilitation, & Worker's Compensation or State AT Financing & Loan Programs

SOLID Professional Services mean success!

  • NOW includes up to 2 Hour Dedicated Professional Phone Training and Setup Support.  Certified Resellers, Installers, & AT Experts may choose to provide these services and receive an additional discount.
  • NOW includes 1 YEAR FULL REPLACEMENT WARRANTY backed by Broadened Horizons directly so no third parties to deal with or hoops to jump through!  OPTIONAL Warranty Extension from 1 year to 2 or 3 years available for greater security and peace of mind. 
  • Many fully integrated and tested Expansion Controllers available. See Related Items or Customize your VoiceIR QuickStart Kit

After testing the first prototype, the VoiceIR has been next to my bed ever since!  The voice control quality is impressive, I've even been able to command it successfully from all the way across the room with the TV on! - Mark Felling, President

VoiceIR means Independence, Security, Entertainment, & Communications using only your voice for Complete Environmental Control! Superior voice control, do-it-yourself simplicity & ease-of-use, with greater reliability over much more expensive alternatives. Learns from your original remote, simply talking you through the process eliminating the need to find quickly outdated codes. Add-on options are available to control lights, an assistance request chime, power adjustable beds, landline speakerphone, thermostat, powered door and window openers, a fan or anything else that can be plugged into the wall, anything that can be controlled by an ability switch, and much more. 

The VoiceIR Voice Controller supports up to 120 voice commands, each command can be a macro sequence of up to 10 button pushes such as "Up 10" for navigating the guide or "play movie" that turns on multiple devices, so it is all of the inputs, pauses for 30 seconds while your Blu-ray boots up, and finally presses play. The commands are organized into 4 keyword-command groups for ease-of-use, reducing the number of commands that must be remembered across multiple devices with similar buttons and supporting 1 to 4 different users.

Expand Your System, controlling everything completely by voice or ability switches!

Request help from bed at night with a pleasant remote, plug-in chime
Securely open front door or garage door from bed when a care attendant arrives without giving out keys or codes
Call, answer, name dial, digit dial, and more with landline phone or cell phone
Stay comfortable controlling your thermostat, space heater, air-conditioner, ceiling fan, heating pad, electric blanket, fans/ionizer, and more
Advanced programmable motion control of front entry, garage, & interior lighting and doors!
Dim Lights when getting up in morning, going to bed, or watching TV
Raise or lower your Power Adjustable Bed by voice control!
Open or close windows, blinds, and drapes
Special Features for the Mobility Impaired
Magic keyword operation provides truly and completely hands-free / button-free operation!
Simply place a unit in each room where you would like to be able to issue voice commands

Special Features for the Blind (and making VoiceIR easier for everyone to use!)

No Setup Instructions to Read!  Just press 1 of the 4 buttons and the interactive, User Friendly Voice Guide intuitively instructs you what to do during setup and use
Selectable response to the magic keyword fits individual preferences and prompts for your command
Repeats command recognized for affirmative confirmation that it performed the desired operation


Patent 7,624,458. Reproduction or use of this concept / design without the express written permission of Broadened Horizons, Inc. is strictly prohibited.
Technical Details
  • 120 voice commands split in 4 'voice command groups' each with its own magic keyword, allows versatility for one to four users!
  • 1 user at home with 120 voice commands (or could share 30 with a family member)
  • 2 roommates such as in a rehab facility could share with 60 commands each
  • An occupational therapist could work with up to 4 clients at a time on multiple separate occasions
  • Excellent voice-recognition quality - commands are recorded in your own voice so any language or even otherwise very difficult to understand, slurred speech is not a problem!
  • Intelligently Learns Infrared Signals from any remote you have.  No need to try infrared codes and all devices even yet to be dreamed up will be supported.
  • Mix and cascade signals from different remotes to create Macros sequences of up to 10 individual IR signals per voice command.  
  • For example: the command "Play Movie" could dim the lights, turn on the TV, turn on the DVD player, turn on the stereo, set the stereo to DVD surround sound, and finally start the movie playing.
  • Delay Insertion between Signals - allows you to pace your macro for varying equipment that may take a few seconds to start up or perform other operations
  • Omni-Directional Infrared Emission - powerful infrared emits in a circular pattern covering the entire room
  • Auto Mute - temporarily mutes the sound allowing your voice command be easily recognized without raising your voice
  • Dual Power Supply - AC adaptor included allowing for voice activation any time or use 4 AA batteries for portability anywhere (times out after 10 minutes to conserve battery power)
  • Convenient Handheld Extender Remote provides optional single button manual activation of VoiceIR instead of using the magic keywords plus manual operation of volume and channel browsing for dexterous family and friends.
1.  Infrared Emitting Window
2.  User Buttons & LEDs
3.  Infrared Receiving Window
4.  Microphone
5.  Battery Box Cover
6.  Battery Box Stand
7.  Battery Power Switch


Power supply:
AC/DC adaptor:
9VDC, 300mA
AA X 4
IR reception distance:
10cm(4 inches)
Linear ultimate distance of IR emission:
8 meters(2.7ft)
Ultimate speech input distance:
3 meters(10 ft.)
IR reception angle:
+45° ~ -45°
Cover range per IR emission:
+30° ~ -30°
Power rating of speaker:
189mm(diameter)x55mm(height) (7.4" x 2.2")
218 g.(0.48lb)
Operating temperature:
Manufacturer's Warranty
Extended Warranty Available serviced by Broadened Horizons
30 days

1 Year



VoiceIR with Infrared Phone by Michael McLean, Santa Rosa, California

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Customer Testimonials (more)

Steve Freier, San Mateo, California
Assistive Technology Coordinator, Center for Independence of the Disabled
"I just wanted to let you know that we have successfully installed and programed a VoiceIR [System's Voice Controller] unit for my client George Dill who is a quad. Even though there is a lot of room noise produced by his bed and other mediucal equipment, it works well enough that he can control his HDTV, TIVO and sound system using his voice. His voice is very weak, so this is a miracle of sorts."
Ruth Ann Rahal, Greeley, Colorado
"Now that I've gotten some things working with the Voice IR it's already given me so much freedom and I'm very happy to be able to control things on my own even if it's just the TV and stereo [adding control over bed, deadbolt, & door opener]. Thank you for making these available."

Lori Russell, Golden BC, Canada
[Lori is a High School Special Education Adaptive Technology Professional]
"Just wanted to let you know that I set up M.G.'s VoiceIR QuickStart Package today, and it works like a charm!!!  Very very easy to program, easy to change commands, great for him (being blind) because he can tell if it's recognized his command.  What I was also happy about was that his voice recognition was the same no matter what position he is in in bed.  We got all the TV commands programmed, and they work beautifully for him.  He's thrilled with the independence this affords him.  Next week we will do the stereo and satellite radio, as well as his assistance call chime system.  Thanks again.  It's a wonderful system for someone who is blind and paralyzed -- he can finally have a bit of independence, which is hard to come by in his situation!"

Mr. Robin D. Walls, Brunswick, Maine
"The VoiceIR Infrared Voice Controller has been a great addition to making me more independent.  Before the VoiceIR, I had to keep calling on my wife to change the TV channel or volume, which became rather annoying after a short period of time.  I also have theVocalize! Cell Phone Complete Voice Control System, and at times the TV would be to loud to answer my phone, now I can turn it down before answering the phone.  The Vocalize bed mic makes things even better to control the phone.  

I am now able to watch TV when I'm alone; my wife works full time so I am alone a lot.  I have started out slow with the VoiceIR to get use to it, and can't wait for hot weather to use it on my air conditioner.  I'm planning to put my stereo in my bedroom along with a DVD player.  The tube that's close to my mouth is for me to get water and to hold the bed microphone that goes to my wheelchair cell phone system."

Cele Donahue (Mom), Hyattsville, Maryland
"The VoiceIR device has given my son, Tommy, back some of the much needed control over his life that he had lost. In addition, this has uplifted his spirits and moral and improved his interactions with the nursing staff at his long-term facility home. He is able to do things without their help. This, of course, increases his independence thus decreasing his complete dependence on them.

We were able to utilize a multi-step macro which enables him to turn on & off several devices with just one command (TV, cable, DVD, and surround sound). We, also, use one for Volume control so one command can increase the volume in intervals of three not one.  My son's quality of life continues to increase daily. Thanks, again for all of your help as well."


SKU PhT1198.k
Weight 12.5
Free Ground Shipping N/A
Flat Shipping Rate No
  • VoiceIR with TalkIR Phone and Dialer
  • Extender Remote
  • Power Supply
  • Training DVD
  • Laminated User Reference Card
  • Broadened Horizons Step-by-Step Setup Guide
Brand Broadened Horizons
Product Label No
Dimensions 8 inch diameter, 2 inches tall
Warranty 1 Year
Availability Next Business Day by 9:30 AM
Shipped from Partner Warehouse No
Harmonization Code 8543.70.9650
Barcode N/A
By Disability or Limitation No Head Movement - Tongue/Lips/Facial Gestures Only, Head Movement Only, No Arm Movement with some Finger Dexterity, Arm Movement with Limited Finger Dexterity, C1-C3 Quadriplegia, C4 Quadriplegia, C5 Quadriplegia, C6-C7 Quadriplegia, ALS - Lou Gehrig's Disease, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy or SMA, Multiple Sclerosis, Paraplegia, Stroke, Unable to Walk - Wheelchair User, Limited Vision or Blind, Elderly, Not Disabled, Temporarily Able-Bodied
by Ability or Control Method No

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