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Power Adjustable Bed Controller

Voice Control Your Bed with the VoiceIR

Allows you to raise and lower both head and feet by voice control when used with the new VoiceIR


Versatile: Compatible with any ECU supporting the X10 protocol.

Each manufacturer has a unique wand and plug.  As the bed cable for this operator is made for a specific bed, please inform us of the bed manufacturer and the model when you order.

Requires VoiceIR Independence Package or VoiceIR Infrared Compatibility Adapter. Available for all of the following motorized beds.  (If yours is not in the list, please contact us because 95% of the time it can be controlled.)
Basic American Metal Products **
**Sold under the brand names: Lumex, Sci-O-tech, Home Care, Graham Field, Smith Davis, Universal, Nursing Home Beds
Craftmatic (most models)*
HillRom ( Century, Advance, Resident LTC)
Invacare (IVC and older models)
Joerns (old and new models)
Whisperlite 2
* Pendant must be sent in for adaption (2 day turnaround) since pendant communicates with the bed motor control via a digital bit stream


Does not eliminate or interfere with the existing control wand.
Automatic stop 3 seconds after an X10 command starts motion.
Easy plug-in installation, no tools required
4 functions are provided: Head up/down, Foot up/down.

Each of the bed functions ( up / down for head & foot ) has its own X10 address. Upon receipt of an X10 command from the ECU it will trigger movement of the desired bed function for 3 seconds only and then stops. An additional same command gives another 3 seconds of movement.

This bed operator ignores the On or Off portion of the X10 command providing more convenient control of the bed with ECU's that use
alternating on/off commands.

The operator module is shipped complete with the bed connection cable, the X10 powerline interface and a power adapter.
No tools are required as all items plug in.
The operator module has Velcro patches to attach it to the wall side of the bed headboard.
The X10 powerline interface and the power adapter plug into a power outlet or a power bar within 4 feet of the bed.
The bed connection cable has an adapter to allow it along with the
hand control wand to plug into the existing bed control jack.

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