Veterans, Get Your VA Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits!

Reposted from A book written by a veteran to help navigate the VA vocational rehabilitation programs is available.

Broadened Horizons offers FREE Independent Living Assessments including Returning to Work, Returning to School, & Self Employment /Small Business planning and coaching as a free service to help you and vocational rehabilitation maximize you and results you get from your benefits.  Contact us TODAY to schedule a conference call with you, your vocational rehabilitation counselor, and one of our independent living and small business experts who are themselves disabled, with first-hand experience navigating vocational rehabilitation programs.

This post helps disabled veterans learn how to get and use their veterans benefits from the Dept of Veterans Affairs Chapter 31Vocational Rehabilitation program. Specifically, we think disabled veterans do not understand Vocational Rehabilitation. They do not understand what Vocational Rehabilitation is truly for. They do not understand what benefits veterans can and should expect to receive from the program.

When it comes to getting help, veterans organizations never bother to tell disabled veterans why they should use these benefits, or how to access them if they are denied.

On this site, I make a point to explain both ends of the veterans benefits agenda – what the benefits are and how to use them.

What is Vocational Rehabilitation?

Vocational Rehabilitation is far more than simple job training – but job training is usually how Vocational Rehabilitation counselors will summarize the program. Find out what Vocational Rehabilitation really is and all that you can do with it. Get the inside scoop on VA Vocational Rehabilitation here.

How to Get Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits

Here, we help you understand the steps you need to follow to get your Vocational Rehabilitation benefits claim started. Click here if you wish to set up your first Vocational Rehabilitation appointment.

The Voc Rehab Survival Guide for Veterans

For some of us, the VA benefits process is clear and logical, and we get a good Vocational Rehabilitation counselor who helps us get the benefits we earned serving our great country.

Unfortunately, for the majority of disabled veterans, including me, getting our hard earned benefits out of the Dept of Veterans Affairs is a far more complicated process than anything we faced in service. In fact, it is more like pulling teeth out of an angry bull. Better get ready.

The Voc Rehab Survival Guide for Veterans I wrote helps disabled veterans, lawyers, family members and others get armed with the facts. It educates veterans about the Vocational Rehabilitation program and how to maximize their benefits. Disabled veterans concerned about getting their benefits, and wanting to understand how the VA works, should check out our guide.

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