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From August 22nd to 24th, 2014, we brought together a group of amazing people for a weekend of fun, inspiration and empowerment to move forward in one of life’s many possible directions, thanks to the generous support of Canada Safeway and many other donors. Original Post

“What is empowerment? It’s not something bestowed on you. Empowerment comes from within.” – Mark Felling, keynote speaker

50 youth and 16 adults affected by neuromuscular disorders, along with 81 caregivers, came together with Muscular Dystrophy Canada Board Members, staff and volunteers, along with a powerful group of speakers in Richmond BC for this motivational and engaging summit on life transitions, personal leadership and neuromuscular disorder management.

Words cannot explain the outcomes of this great event. See some of the smiling faces that made EIA 2014 such a success.

Check out the accessible arcade, and #EIAyouth hashtags to see the updates and photos others have been posting about the event.

Empowerment in Action 2014 Keynote by Mark Felling for Canadian National Muscular Dystrophy Association Biannual Conference

Even though there are way too many to mention, here are just a few of the impacts that came as a result of this unforgettable weekend:

Experiencing Possibilities with Broadened Horizons Accessible Arcade
Experiencing Possibilities with Broadened Horizons Accessible Arcade
  • Delegates became empowered through listening to experts and there pears during interactive workshops, educational sessions and panel discussions on such topics as independent living, financial planning, respiratory health, sexuality, maintaining a positive state of mental heath, manage your neuromuscular disorder as you transition through life, travelling with a disability and building partnerships in the community, all while learning about Muscular Dystrophy Canada’s programs and services and how each and everyone of us can have an impact
  • We experienced our ability to participate in active living and recreational activities through integrated dance and power soccer at the beautiful Richmond Olympic Oval
  • The group connected with really cool people from all over Canada, hung out in the youth and adult lounges and participated in fun, adapted recreation activities. Experiences were shared and networks and relationships were built that will last a lifetime!
Broadened Horizons Accessible Arcade
Broadened Horizons Accessible Arcade
  • Individuals impacted by neuromuscular disorders embraced their independence by seeing the Richmond Area through a community walk about including a number of accessibility challenges.
  • Vendors helped us to discover community resources, supports, programs and technologies that can enhance our quality of life.
  • We raised awareness of neuromuscular disorders and the Muscular Dystrophy Canada brand through our presence in the community and the use of social media. Through the use of Twitter we reached over 10,000 accounts and had exposure of over 60,000.

“It’s easy to get caught up in labels & stigmas of what others think. Don’t do that.” – Maayan Ziv, speaker

Thank you to everyone who helped to fund and organize or participated in EIA2014. Without you, it wouldn’t have been the same. We look forward to continued educational and empowering events to enhance the lives of people affected by neuromuscular disorders.



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