Bead Electric Wheelchair Motorcycle now available!

A Bead is a green, environmentally friendly all electric wheelchair motorcycle or scooter that you drive from your wheelchair. The Bead is manufactured in Sweden, a country with strong focus on wheelchair-friendly accessibility. Handikappteknik is an innovation company of Micke Zingmark and Per Stjarnehag located in both Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden. If someone his interested, Broadened […]

Monster Wheelchair Motorcycle UK – Ducati Drive from Sidecar

Monster Wheelchair Motorcycle Project By: Mike Harper Below is a video clip of a motorized wheelchair (for lack of another word), it’s a Ducati 900 Monster adapted for a wheelchair (Drive from sidecar). Have a look and the ease the bike rides. You’ll notice that the wheelchair is onboard. Really fantastic that the rider, despite the […]