Mark Felling speaks at Grand Opening of Fun-IE-Fit Inclusion Rehabilitation Center in the Netherlands with large Video Gaming Rehabilitation Program

Last week Mark Felling, President, Broadened Horizons Inc. designer and manufacturer of the world’s broadest line of adapted video game controllers was asked to speak at the Grand Opening of Fun-IE-Fit Inclusion Rehabilitation Center in the Netherlands.  They feature a large Video Gaming Gymnasium for active, fun rehabilitation with a focus around social inclusion. the […]

Download Full Movie Underworld: Blood Wars (2016)

Underworld: Blood Wars (2016) HD Director : Anna Foerster. Producer : David Kern, Gary Lucchesi, Tom Rosenberg, Len Wiseman, Richard S. Wright. Release : November 28, 2016 Country : United States of America. Production Company : Lakeshore Entertainment, Screen Gems, Sketch Films. Language : English, Português, Український. Runtime : 91 min. Genre : Action, Horror. […]

Game On! from the Blog of North Dakota Interagency Program for Assistive Technology

Of course we must show off and break up our Partners who take the time to break up our products!  Thank you IPAT, keep up the great work and do not hesitate to let us know how we can help! Game On!  IPAT ND Assistive Technology Blog By Mike Haring FEBRUARY 21, 2013 A little over two years […]

Video Game-Based Therapy May Help Treat TBI

Rolf Gainer Ph.D. |   Original Article Because the mere mention of video games can spark controversy—are they or aren’t they the root of all evil?—news about the potential benefits they have on people’s cognitive abilities is not typically shouted from the rooftops. However, HealthcareIT News recently reported that Kinetic Muscles, Inc. (KMI) has received additional funding from […]

New Game Aims to Treat Teens Suffering from Depression

  Depression is often associated with teens, but many if not all individuals who incur a trama or injury that greatly impacts of changes their life, body, and abilities suffer from depression, feelings of inadequacy, frustration, or even a lack of desire to continue living.  This mourning process may take anywhere from 1-3 years on […]

Action Games Improves Players’ Vision and Multitasking Skills

NPR Report on beneficial side effects of video gaming (Screenshot of Call of Duty: Black Ops) The biggest complaint made about action games like “Call of Duty” and “The Elder Scrolls” is that they are too violent and may lead to the players becoming more violent. But recent studies have shown that players who play […]

Video Games being used as Intergenerational Tool

Here at Broadened Horizons we were initially surprised 4 years ago that the far majority of our adaptive game controllers are sold to adults, and not only 20-year-olds but many in their 40s, 50s, and 60s!  But it makes sense, when your body physically limits you from going out and playing baseball or football with […]