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Butler - Secure, Hands-Free Keyless Entry System

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Quick Overview

Simply drive wheelchair up to the door and door will open for you, but only you, without needing to push any buttons! The Butler activates your door opener for you completely hands-free. Requires door opener such as ADA-EZ, Open Sesame, Power Access, etc. Also great for garage door vehicle access, hospital operating rooms, laboratories, and more. Includes Butler Controller, Doppler-like Radar Proximity Sensor, 2 Active RFID Keys, Roll-Over On-Off Latching Floor Switch for Butler, 12 VDC Power Supply, Output Closure for Wire for Integration to Door Opener or Door Opener Wireless Remote, and up to 2 Hours Phone or Skype Installer Support..

With compact wireless key velcroed under wheelchair seat, just drive wheelchair up to the door and door will open for you, but only you, completely hands-free without needing to push any buttons!  The Butler 'pushes' the button for you.

Uses Secure Wireless RFID Key and Infrared Proximity Sensing to activate your power doors opener, door lock, garage door, powered gate, elevator door, parking lot access gate, and more - COMPLETELY HANDS FREE!

The Butler Powered Door Operator is perfect for:

  • Private residences, apartments and condos, group homes, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes needing to provide secure access to handicapped or disabled tenants with special needs were unable to use key pads, key scanners, etc.  In a building, consider the front door, back door, interior doors, elevator doors, pool patio or other recreation facilities, parking or garage, and any other space tenants are normally able to normally access.
  • Universities and schools need to provide secure access to certain buildings or facilities such as a dormitory, laboratory, or the library to disabled or handicapped students and faculty members who may have difficulty operating key scanners or other biometric secure access devices.
  • Provides hands-free keyless handicap access with Open Sesame, Powered Access, Chamberlain, Skylink, Gentleman Door, and any other manufacturer of powered door openers, garage door openers, or powered gates. 
  • Proximity Sensing Range: adjustable 4 inches - 2 feet (0.75m- 3 m)

The Butler Vehicle Gate Operator is perfect for:

  • Automobile access to restricted access parking for apartment buildings, condos, or private residences. Just drive car up to the door or gate and it automatically opens, but only for those with a wireless key.  Currently supports up to 28 vehicles.
  • People movers in airports, lift trucks in warehouses, or anywhere else is desirable for door or gate to open automatically as a person or vehicle approaches but only for individuals or vehicles with security clearance.
  • Proximity Sensing Range: adjustable 1.5 - 6 feet (0.5m- 2.5 m)

The Butler Electric Strike Door Latch Release System:

  • Avoids the extra cost of a power door opener.  Activates included electric strike for default 5 seconds allowing someone to manually open the door.  Latch release time can be programmatically adjusted from 1 second - 9 seconds
  • The type of application where when access is granted one hears the door buzz for about 5 seconds, allowing someone to push through the door, opening it manually.  A spring style automatic door closer is recommended. 
  • Perfect for laboratories, hospitals, or other high-traffic secure areas, speeding productivity for up to 28 individuals with security clearance to conveniently walk through the door without needing to pause and fiddle with biometric or card scanners.
  • Proximity Sensing Range: adjustable 4 inches - 2 feet (0.75m- 3 m)


  • RF Wireless Key Range: 6-12 ft
  • Supply Voltage: 9 VDC to 12 VDC
  • Supply Current: 40mA Typical, 100mA Max
  • Operating Temperature: 0 - 50C
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Brand Broadened Horizons
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Warranty 1 Year
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By Disability or Limitation No Head Movement - Tongue/Lips/Facial Gestures Only, Head Movement Only, No Arm Movement with some Finger Dexterity, Arm Movement with Limited Finger Dexterity, C1-C3 Quadriplegia, C4 Quadriplegia, C5 Quadriplegia, C6-C7 Quadriplegia, ALS - Lou Gehrig's Disease, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy or SMA, Multiple Sclerosis, Paraplegia, Limited Speech or Nonvocal, Stroke, Unable to Walk - Wheelchair User, Brachial Plexus Injury, Limited Hearing or Deaf, Limited Vision or Blind, Arthritis, RSI, Tendinitis, Elderly, Not Disabled, Temporarily Able-Bodied
by Ability or Control Method No Control - Not Applicable, with ECU - Infrared IR, with ECU - discrete TTL, Limited Hand Dexterity, Some Finger Dexterity (no arm movement), Arm Movement (no finger dexterity), Voice - Speaker Independent, Voice - Speaker Dependent, Voice - Dictation, Breath- Blow or Suck Lightly, Using any Ability Switch, Mouth, Tongue, or Facial Gestures, Good Head Movement, Feet or Toes

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