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EMG Nerve Impulse Switch with Adhesive Disposable Sensors - Electromyogram

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Use any one muscle as a single or dual ability switch! Sensitive to even the lightest muscle witch. Perfect companion to control the PowerGrip Assisted Grasp Orthosis for users with movement and only one arm but can be used with any device capable of accepting inputs from ability switches. Includes 1 Box Disposable Adhesive Sensors, 1 Box Adhesive Reference Pads & sensor, Rechargeable Batteries, and Pre-configuration. Combined with Housemate or MacBook with Grid 2 software installed, identical package provides better functionality at 1/3 the price of NueroSwitch

Limited muscle movement stopping you from controlling your wheelchair?  Not any more! Use any one muscle as a single or dual ability switch!  Sensitive to even the lightest muscle twitch since it actually senses the electrical nerve impulse to the muscle rather than any muscle movement.  Read Testimonial Tab: "being freed from the necessity of having my arm or head precisely positioned to operate a more traditional driving mechanism, I can independently use the full range of seating functions without losing my ability to return to a driving position."

These versatile and easy to use EMG switch interface can be used to operate 2 separate or unique systems including an electric power wheelchair, as a nurse-call, switch scanning input for speech generating devices, environmental control, computer access, and perfect companion to control the PowerGrip Assisted Grasp Orthosis for users with movement in only one arm.  Can be used with ANY device capable of accepting inputs from ability switches including our video game controllers, etc. Responds instantly (10ms).

If you haven’t been able to control switches because of ALS, spinal muscular atrophy, or spinal cord injury, these switches can help you achieve greater independence.  Unlike other switches, the EMG switch senses the tiny signals which activate muscle.  Use of the muscle control signals from your nervous system to your muscle makes the switch very easy to activate, even if the muscle itself is not strong enough to provide functional use.  The sensor is connected directly on the muscle site which makes attachment simple.  The sensor does not depend on motion so it remains in the proper position even as you move around.

Case Study: Single EMG Sensor Control of Wheelchair & Mobile Phone Environmental Controls for Persons with Severe Mobility Limitations

Compare to the Ablenet Impulse EMG Switch (discontinued) which use Bluetooth, this EMG Switch is lower cost, more configurable  with highly adjustable sensitivity, longer battery life and can be used with any device without dependency on a computer or setting up complex Bluetooth connections to the computer.  

This is the most cost effective EMG technology available yet of high cost of this technology, to make it more available, Broaden Horizons is offering at wholesale price for retail website purchases only!  Designed for greater simplicity,  this EMG switch does not require a professional  on-site for setup and training as other $15,000 EMG switch solutions require. Consider adding 1-2 Hours of Professional Phone Training and Setup Support if you are not very technical. Broadened Horizons is here to help you!

This EMG Switch incorporates high-end sensor electrodes used by professionals in hospitals and rehabilitation centers.  In addition to functional control out ECUs, computers, PowerGrip Assisted Grasp Orthosis, and much more, EMG switch can be used in clinical settings as a significantly lower cost EMG diagnostic tool.

30 Day Trial

  • If you are purchasing, every product we offer has a 30 day moneyback satisfaction guarantee, essentially a 30 day trial.  
  • Due to the nature of this product, a 30 Day Trial Program is available at a rental cost of $199.95 to cover:
    • Consumable cloth pads & leads
    • Refurbishment and Cleaning
    • Shipping both ways in USA & Canada - we include a convenient return shipping label
  • $199.95 will apply to purchase price if you decide to keep the EMG Switch
  • Requirements: A trial agreement will need to be signed which includes a credit card so that if equipment works out and you decide not to return within 30 days, we will capture balance of purchase price.  For qualifying institutions, no credit card may be necessary, in which case trial agreement turns into a purchase order after 30 days.


  • EMG Switch Controller
  • 2 Readily Available Ag/AgCl EMG Adhesive Patch Sensors (used as a pair)
  • 1 Reference Snap Sensor Cable
  • 1 Box of 60 Adhesive Sensor Pads
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • AC Wall Charger
  • User Manual

Cost of Consumable Items:

  • AgCl conductive adhesive patch sensors available through standard medical supply companies. BioTac 7664 sold by Kendall $0.19 each (60 per box, 12 boxes per case) 

Sensor Replacement Parts (Only If the Damaged - Call us to order)

  • Reference Electrode cable & Snap Sensor ~$38


Note: After placement of the sensors over the muscle, all EMG sensors require up to one minute for extraneous noise levels in the signal to drop.  New users will sometimes try activating the muscle once or twice within a few seconds of placement, find it unresponsive, and move the sensor searching for a better location on the muscle.  Often patience is all that is required, then adjust the sensitivity. Only move the sensor as a last resort after about two minutes and a final adjustment of the sensitivity.  After using the EMG Switch a few times you will learn the optimal placement of the sensor on your body.




  • Provides 2 standard 3.5mm connectors to control up to 2 switch activated devices from 1 sensor
  • Senses muscle activations and provides switch closure
  • Simple threshold adjustment
  • Responds instantly 10ms 
  • Built in digital signal processing extracts intentional activations from weak muscles
  • SAFE battery powered operation using AA NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • Built in battery and charger
RESNA 2005  
EMG Single Switch Activation Algorithms and Methods Paper  
RESNA 2006  
EMG Switch Navigation of Power Wheel Chairs Paper  
EMG Switch Navigation of Power Wheel Chairs Poster  
Single EMG Sensor Control of Multifunction Technologies

Mr. Darren Gabbert in following videos is 44 years old and has an advanced form of spinal muscular atrophy rendering him quadriplegic.

This video demonstrates the efficacy of using a single electromyographic (EMG) sensor to navigate a Permobil C400 power wheelchair. Mr. Gabberts doorway entrance and ability to independently close the door clearly shows the fluid-like navigation that is possible through single EMG sensor control.

Mr. Gabberts ability to gain entry and position within his van clearly shows the precision driving potential of EMG control for persons with severe mobility limitations.

This video demonstrates how a single electromyographic (EMG) sensor can control power seating actuators. Mr. Gabberts ability to use EMG control to mimick the ability to pick up and carry his that

This video demonstrates how a single electromyographic (EMG) sensor can control power seating actuators. Mr. Gabberts ability to use EMG control to reset his desktop computer system clearly shows the functionality possible for persons with severe mobility limitations.

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EMG Switch Wheelchair DriverThe EMG switch was the key for me to make single-switch scanning an effective option for controlling my power wheelchair.  Due to having an advanced form of spinal muscular atrophy, I have used and modified numerous driving mechanisms to accommodate the progression of the disease.  It wasn’t until July 2004 that I had no alternative but to consider single-switch scanning navigation, or what rehabilitation professionals call the “option of last resort.”  While by itself it may be worthy of this title, using the D-Box with an EMG probe as the “single-switch” introduced significant benefits that has changed the “option of last resort” to an “option of great report!”

I have been using a Permobil power wheelchair, PG Technologies’ Omni+ single-switch scanning interface, and the EMG Nerve Impulse Switch for since 2005.  With the EMG probe placed on my left pectoral muscle, I have full functionality from the twitch of my shoulder.  After a slight learning curve with regard to avoiding inadvertent triggers from muscle movement, using the switch quickly became second nature.  The response rate of the EMG switch allows me to press, hold, and release at the necessary split-second intervals to effectively navigate the wheelchair.  No fatigue.  Very impressive!  And being freed from the necessity of having my arm or head precisely positioned to operate a more traditional driving mechanism, I can independently use the full range of seating functions without losing my ability to return to a driving position. 

With the EMG probe, a vast scope of possibilities exists for finding an efficient, minimal-fatiguing way for anyone to engage the system.  Furthermore, once an effective placement site has been determined for the EMG probe, all seating and positioning considerations can focus on stability and comfort.  This is in stark contrast to solutions where comfort must take a back seat to finding and maintaining a range of movement necessary to operate the control mechanism.

While single-switch scanning is clearly not as fluid and "natural" as proportional control, I think I would have given up the proportional control earlier than I did had I known the overall benefits to be gained.  With the EMG driven single-switch scanning system, I have experienced increased independence and functionality while having lost physical ability.  Am I able to confidently navigate indoors and outdoors without anyone else present?  Yes.  Am I able to change position using the full range of backrest, tilt in space, footrests and seat elevator functions? Yes.  Am I able to travel long distances without fatigue?  Yes.  When I measure according to these terms, I can truthfully say that this technology intervention has given me the most independence I have enjoyed for over 15 years. 

It is all too common for people with progressive neuromuscular diseases to have a net loss of independence and functionality while trying to maintain and modify proportional technology that they have became accustomed to.  For those who are hobbling along trying to make proportional driving mechanisms work beyond your ability to use them, take a second look at the “option of last resort.”  With the right Omni+ parameter settings, single-switch scanning can be very effective using different profiles for different environments and functions (e.g. indoor proximity navigation, outdoor distance navigation, tedious precision navigation).  Combine this with the benefits of using the EMG switch, and the scales of overall independence begin to tip.

The first use of my chair outside of my home environment came on September 25 at my daughter's wedding.  With the Permobil seat elevator raised, I enjoyed conversation at eye level and easily mingled within a crowded room without being a risk to myself or others.  I have also independently (at my wife’s consternation) drove all over our acreage.  Having my wife leave the front door cracked, I have mastered opening, entering, and closing (yes, closing) the front door.  Pretty fluid-like behavior from a single-switch system.   I certainly don't think anyone has gotten this much mileage out of their left pectoral.

An important key issue making this really work is the ability the EMG switch gave me to use another (slightly more functioning) muscle to engage a "cutoff" switch.  The cutoff switch is definitely necessary to make single-switch navigation safe and practical. 

 Darren Gabbert


SKU SwE1022.a
Weight 4.0000
Free Ground Shipping No
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Includes EMG Switch Controller Pair Disposable Adhesive Sensors 1 Box Adhesive Reference Pads & Snap Sensor Rechargeable Batteries Pre-configuration Service if requested User Manual
Brand Broadened Horizons
Product Label No
Dimensions 3.2”W x 1.3”H x 4.8”
Warranty 1 Year
Availability Special Order - 1-3 Weeks
Shipped from Partner Warehouse No
Harmonization Code No
Barcode No
By Disability or Limitation No Head Movement - Tongue/Lips/Facial Gestures Only, Head Movement Only, ALS - Lou Gehrig's Disease, Muscular Dystrophy or SMA
by Ability or Control Method No

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