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Open Sesame Residential Door Opener - 5 Yr Warranty

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Quick Overview

4 Packages Available. Basic Independence Package Includes: Opener, Compact Wireless Keychain Remote, Battery Backup, Heavy Duty Electric Strike, AC Wall Transformer, & Mounting Hardware.

Open Door

Open Sesame - Magically your door unlocks and opens! Operate your door from wheelchair, from bed, or completely hands-free and key-free.

Open Sesame unlatches, opens, and closes a door completely hands-free and key-free when you simply walk or roll up to it using The Butler, with the touch of a button, by voice with the VoiceIR, with a puff of air, wink of an eye, or even wheelchair integrated using any ECU such as the Housemate.

American-Made Quality. Open Sesame is physically one of the smallest door openers on the market relative to its strength and durability which are second to none backed by a SOLID 5 Year Warranty which is only for peace of mind since many users report 10 and even 15 years of service having only changed backup battery once or twice!   (including Broadened Horizons President, Mark Felling has 2 Open Sesame's on his home that are 10 years old)


  • Unlocks, opens, and closes a door 100% keyless and hands-free with Broadened Horizons' The Butler for Open Sesame, with the push of a button or any ability switch, or by voice command (with any ECU unit, VoiceIR & Housemate).
  • Fail Safe - Built-in Battery Backup.
  • Operate the door manually just as you always did or even tap button twice for door to stay open such as when carrying packages
  • American-Made QUALITY with an unmatched FIVE Year Warranty!
  • Attractive - not bulky.
  • Security - no more need to leave your door unlocked.
  • Optional Wireless Security Keyless Entry Pad - caregiver access by easily changed code.
  • Existing Keys continue to unlock the door manually just as they did before.
  • Flexibility - Open right or left handed doors (if you move you can take it with you!).


Open Sesame Door Top 2.jpg (9247 bytes)

Safety - The system includes a built-in back up battery.  Fire and electrical failure often occur simultaneously.  Open Sesame, with its battery back-up, allows you to get in and out when you desire it most.   Imagine arriving at your home during an electrical storm and finding that a power outage has locked you out because your automatic door won't work.  Feel secure with the Open Sesame Door System!

Unparalleled Convenience --  Open Sesame Door System is a door operator that both opens and closes a door. It does not close the door with a spring mechanism as do most other systems. The door closes under power, at your command, allowing the door to be left open indefinitely if you so desire, or even to be left ajar.   This is a real advantage when one is transporting groceries or caring for children. Many people use it for letting their pets in and out. People using wheelchairs or individuals in beds cannot usually operate windows, but this system allows them some control of ventilation and room temperature.

Remote Control Transmitter -- Provided with the Open Sesame Door System is a small match box sized device with a special pressure pad on the face that is extremely easy to activate.   We can accommodate special modifications to interface the remote and door controls with a wide range of activation devices ( Wall push-pads, X-10 activators, or other environmental controls).

Open Sesame Door Strike.jpg (8231 bytes)

Powerful Automated Strike Plate -- The Open Sesame System allows a locked door to be  released through the use of an automated strike-plate.  With the Open Sesame command, the door is unlatched and power-opened.  The door still continues to function normally and existing keys will also still unlatch the door.  Broaden Horizons includes the most powerful "jaw-style opening" strikes through personal experience that release even in winter, under high wind loads, or thick weather-stripping.

Keyless Entry Pad -- An option to the Open Sesame Door System is the wireless keyless entry pad. The entry pad is installed on the outside of the door. It is intended to be used by attendants and care providers and allows easy access to the residence without dispensing keys. The keypad uses a 4 digit combination that can be easily changed at a moment's notice.

Open Sesame Full Door.jpg (5807 bytes)Flexibility -- The Open Sesame Door operator is adaptable to many different door arrangements. It can be made to operate with either left-handed or right-handed hinged doors as well as outward opening or inward opening doors. Hence, if you relocate, you can take the unit with you and only minor adaptations will be necessary. Contributing to the ease of installation and re-installation is the fact the Open Sesame is powered by a plug-in wall transformer and all wiring in the system is low voltage. This eliminates the need for costly electrical outlets installed at the site of installation.

Installation -- The Open Sesame Door System can be installed by a general contractor, a locksmith, a security access company, a disabled access specialist, a mechanically inclined individual, or a handyman. 

System Requirements:

  • Free moving door (sticky doors or hard to close doors will trigger the safety mechanism to shut the opener down).
  • 110VAC wall power outlet within 10 to 15 feet of the opener.
  • The strike plate in the existing door jam will require modification, typically chiseling away some to accommodate the larger electronically controlled strike. Automated electric strike is included with the opener.

If you need assistance please do not hesitate to contact us!

Open Sesame Packages

Butler Hands-Free, Keyless Package Includes:
Perfect for individuals without arm movement and for maximum convenience with no other ECU hardware required

  • Basic Independence Package PLUS
  • The Butler Hands-Free Keyless Entry Door Opener Controller
  • Butler Micro-Radar Proximity Sensor
  • Two Butler Wireless RFID Keys (10'-20' Range), up to 25 supported
  • Butler Roll-Over Disable Security Override Switch
  • Interior Large Rectangular Wireless Wall Push Pad - bump with fist, elbow, wheelchair armrest, even hip for amblitory carrying boxes makes it great for the whole family!
  • Exterior Security Code Keypad (no more physical lost keys!)  Easy to change code when there is turnover in Personal Care Attendant Staff.

Universal Design Environmental Control (ECU) Package Includes:
Great for all users: with arm movement + VoiceIR ECU activation in bed, no arm movement with Housemate ECU on wheelchair, or full integration into more elaborate whole home automation.

  • Basic Independence Package PLUS:
  • Infrared ECU Door Opener Interface (or will substitute X10, Insteon, or Zwave on request)
  • Interior Large Rectangular Wireless Wall Push Pad - bump with fist, elbow, wheelchair armrest, even hip for amblitory carrying boxes makes it great for the whole family!
  • Exterior Security Code Keypad (no more physical lost keys!)  Easy to change code when there is turnover in Personal Care Attendant Staff.

Basic Independence Package Includes:
Similar to other providers + our exclusive reliability, usability, & cosmetic enhancements for competitive bidding situations. We will BEAT any competitive bid, and if we do not, you get FREE one of our exclusive Wireless Compact Keychain Remotes with Wheelchair Mounting Bracket as a thank you for considering us.

  • Opener Only Package PLUS:
  • Broadened Horizons' exclusive Wireless Compact Keychain Remote with Wheelchair Mounting Bracket
  • Heavy-duty Electric Strike - jaws open to release door so can never bind or stick! Most electric strikes retract and will stick/bind with age, temperature changes, or wind loading. This unique model recommended by Broadened Horizons' President, Mark Felling and utilized on his personal home after 9+ years in Minnesota's harsh fluctuating climate

Opener Only (for Custom Configurations) Includes:

  • Open Sesame Deluxe Door Operator – Model 100
  • Battery backup and Radio Receiver in unit
  • Plug-in wall transmitter with 35’ of low voltage cord and surface mount jack (no electrician or permits needed).
  • Mounting hardware and screws


Many Controls to Choose from:

  • The Butler 100% Hands-Free Keyless Entry System for Open Sesame
  • Infrared ECU Door Opener Interface
  • X10 ECU Door Opener Interface
  • Wireless Wall Pushpad
  • Exterior Security Code Keypad
  • Keychain Remote (standard or switch enabled)
  • 2-Button Keychain Remote (standard or switch enabled)

Detailed Features & Requirements

  1. Very important too many families and facilities, compared to less expensive economy door openers, Open Sesame has the intelligence to allow the door to be opened, closed and operated just as though no opener was ever installed.
  2. Open Sesame has a built-in feature to allow the door to stay open if you activate the open/close command while the door is in motion.  It does not close with a spring as most door openers do, but under your control.  You can leave the door open in any position indefinitely.  However where fire code requires the door to always remain closed, Open Sesame can be programmed to simulate a spring operated door closer.
  3. Open Sesame is battery operated so power failures should not affect its ability to open the door.  The unit is constantly tickle-charged so it is nearly always fully charged.
  4. The door should not bind or stick.  Openers will sense resistance (e.g.  someone’s limb stuck in the door) and it will shut down as a failsafe.  Doors that bind or stick will exert torque at the top of the door.  The door should open and close with little effort.
  5. Usually installation in wooden door jams is easier than on metal door jams, but both are possible.
  6. Security: Some must leave the door closed but in an unlocked condition for emergency for fire code reasons.  Some want the door locked and unlocked each time it is opened and closed.  Both situations are covered. Under most common normally use, the electric strike automatically releases the door latch during the door opening sequence so the door can be either locked or unlocked.  However the deadbolt must be unlocked.  To use the deadbolt it must be replaced with an automated deadbolt and you need a 2 button remote – one to unlock the deadbolt and the second to activate the door opener.
  7. Open Sesame will operate left-handed or right-handed hinged doors as well as outward opening and inward opening doors.  
  8. Open Sesame does have the option to be controlled by your ability switch or voice Environmental Controller ECU such as Housemate or Pilot One. ECU is not included in the price.
  9. Open Sesame requires a standard 120-volt AC house outlet within 25 feet of the door for Open Sesame’s AC/DC power adapter.  The low-voltage power adapter is roughly 3”x 2” and simply plugs into the outlet so no electrician or electrical permits are required. 


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Installation Guides

  1. Spec Sheet Model 100 
  2. Spec Sheet Model 200
  3. Mounting Diagram - Door Mounting
  4. Mounting Diagram - Lintel Mounting
  5. Arm Position
  6. Mounting Diagram - Parallel Mounting
  7. Mounting Diagram - Parallel Mounting with pivot pin
  8. Residential Standard Wiring Diagram
  9. Residential Standard Wiring Diagram Details
  10. 6-Wire External Activation Wiring Diagram
  11. 6-Wire Securitron Strike Wiring
  12. Concealed Wiring Diagram
  13. Electric Strike Drive Switcher
  14. French Doors with One Operator, One Strike
  15. French Doors with Two Operators, No Strike
  16. French Doors with Two Operators, Two Strikes
  17. Strike Plate Dimensions A-R 7440
  18. Strike Plate Dimensions HES-1006
  19. Strike Dimensions - Trine 3234
  20. Strike Dimensions - Trine 3234W
  21. Programing Instructions
  22. Brochure
  23. Owner’s Manual




Brand Broadened Horizons
Product Label No
Dimensions No
Warranty 5 Years
Availability Please allow 1-4 Weeks for Custom
Shipped from Partner Warehouse Yes
Harmonization Code No
Barcode No
By Disability or Limitation No
by Ability or Control Method No

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