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Power Height Adjustable Tri Desk Legs Silver - FREE SHIPPING Continental USA

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Flexibility is key to the new 501-27 desk frames from ConSet. More sizes, geater weight capacity and an increased travel. Min/max height goes from 21" to 47", and weight capacity is no less than 275 lbs.

The 501-27 has a light design despite of the 275 lbs frame lifting capacity and has new unique characteristics for height adjustable tables:

  • Increased travel, from height 21" to height 47" 
  • Anti-squeeze-protection-system
  • Integrated cable tray that also works as table top support

The frame width of 59-7/8" is a common size for office environments, home offices etc.

The triple column system gives great stability. Powder coated in RAL 9006 (silver). The 501-27 is a modern, light design desk at a very reasonable price.

Why Electric Powered Height Adjustable Sit-Stand desks?

  • Changing your working position regularly helps to prevent back problems.
  • If you have an existing back problem then standing at a high desk for parts of your day rather than sitting all day at a standard desk can offer great relief and help the recovery process when back problems occur.
  • People of various heights can easily adjust their desk according to specific needs - which can be of great benefit for those of a taller stature to prevent them from stooping.
  • Electric operation means that people can easily adjust their desk height which is  very useful for wheelchair users as well.
  • Ideal for people where sitting all day is not an option, ie. individuals returning to work after back surgery.
  • Easy up and down operation with the added safety features that 2 buttons must be pressed together to avoid accidental operation.
  • Advantageous for groups who share the same workstation - ie. "Hot-desking" or constantly shift their working environment. 
  • Comfort for everyone. 

Because our partner manufactures their own lift system, adjustable leg columns, and frames, we can offer adjustable height computer desks at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.  Whichever model you choose, no other manufacturer can offer the same value that we do.  The benefits of an integrated supplier are obvious:

An adjustable height computer desk is no longer a costly investment.

Our adjustable height computer desks are available in Pedestal (1-Leg), 2-Leg and 3-Leg versions and feature the highest cost-benefit level in the business.  Adjustable height computer desks can be customized to the user at the touch of a button.

Why Electric Height Adjustable Work Surfaces (EHAWS) Make For Good Business

Cornell University Human Factors and Ergonomic Research Laboratory carefully studied the role that EHAWS play in musculoskeletal discomfort and productivity in the work environment. According to this and other cited studies:

  • Results show significant decreases in the severity of musculoskeletal discomfort for most upper body regions.
  • Alternating between sitting and standing at work benefits health and productivity.
  • There is significantly less spinal shrinkage for office workers who stand for portions of the day.
  • Body part discomfort decreases an average of 62 percent and the occurrence of injuries and illnesses decrease by more than half.
  • Workers take shorter and fewer breaks when using sit to stand desks.
  • Adjustable desks allow companies to easily fit the workspace to people of different heights and body types as well and those with disabilities and back problems.
  • EHAWS are beneficial for hoteling, which is the practice of providing office space to employees on an as-needed basis. This reduces the amount of physical space that an enterprise needs, lowering overhead cost while ensuring that every worker can access office resources when necessary.
  • Employers investing in electric sit-stand desks are realizing great advantages. Employees that are happier, healthier and more productive translates into cost savings and an improved working environment.
  • A team of scientists at the University of Missouri found that the enzymes that are responsible for burning fat just shut down when we sit. Standing up while working helps to reduce weight. A lternating between sitting and standing posture at work benefits health and productivity.

Electric more than pay for themselves.

Interesting Bloomberg article about ergonomics and desks ... 



The extensive benefits of working at height adjustable tables are widely researched. Below you will find links to external research studies and articles.

Height adjustable desks offer a healthy ergonomic solution if you have concerns or problems over the increasing cases of repetitive stress injuries and back problems associated with intense computer use. Our desks complement your body and adjust to your specific needs. A electric sit/stand desk makes it possible for you to change your working position simply by pressing a button.

By changing your working position often you avoid one-sided repeated wear on your musculature and your joint.

There is no legal claim saying that you must have an electric sit/stand desk, BUT there is a reasonable and potentially legal claim saying that it must be possible to change your working position and adjust the working station to fit the individual. All EEC countries must comply with EN 527-1 (Tables and desks, Part 1, Purpose).

There are a number of directions for and opinions about the correct positioning of your desk combined with your chair. All experts do, however, agree that the most important thing is to change working position often. Below you will find some rules of thumb for choosing your table / top:

  • The table must be height adjustable so that it can be adjusted to the individual and make it possible to place screen keyboard and mouse in a suitable height.
  • The table must be so deep (min. 80cm) that the screen can be placed at the optimum distance to the user, and that when working the mouse the whole forearm can rest on the table.
  • The table must be wide enough to leave space on both sides of the keyboard for putting things down.
  • The table must so deep that both wrists and forearms can rest in front of the keyboard. 
  • Underneath the table the construction should leave space for the legs to be moved freely.
  • By prolonged reading or the like it can be an advantage, if the table can be placed in a sloping position.

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